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Product Spotlight : Shimano SP-ORCA 150S

The newest member of the Shimano Orca family packs high-end features into a fisherman-friendly package!

The Shimano Orca lure family includes nine different models to tackle the toughest gamefish from the ocean’s surface to the deepest trenches. Taking the next step in its saltwater lure line-up, Shimano brings its innovative ‘Flash Boost’ technology to a new offering of SP-ORCA FB 150S sinking pencil baits. Offered in six colors to perfectly mimic a variety of baitfish, the Flash Boost technology allows the lure to constantly emit an attractive flash and will surely appeal to a wide variety of both inshore and offshore gamefish.


The SP-ORCA FB 150S measures just shy of 6 inches and weighs 2.5 ounces out of the package with included treble hooks. I swapped the belly hook for a 5/0 inline single and the tail for a 4/0 of the same style and it dropped the weight by .1 ounces but with no discernable reduction in action; I actually preferred the end the result over the standard treble hook configuration. The lure has a side-to-side wobble while it sinks, while the ‘Flash Boost’ reflective foil suspended on springs inside the lure puts off a fish-attracting shine. “Essentially, the lure still maintains its action even when not being worked,” said Adam Lytton with Shimano’s product planning team, “while the location of the Flash Boost is designed to mimic the actions of a dying, quivering baitfish.”

Equipped with Shimano’s Propulsion Weight Transfer System for exceptional long-distance casting, the weight pops to the tail of the lure on the cast and returns to its midpoint on the retrieve. Offering durability with through-wire construction, all six SP-ORCA FB 150S pencil baits feature Shimano’s Kyorin lifelike holographic design. Colors offered include blue pink, blue sardine, flying fish, green mackerel, halfbeak, and injured sardine.

While the SP-ORCA FB was designed with tuna in mind, I immediately put the lure to work on my local spring run of striped bass and caught several fish on it on the first night out. Glide baits have taken off in popularity with striped bass fishermen in recent years, and the SP-ORCA FB falls perfectly into this category of lures and has found a highly-coveted spot in my surf bag. And with a retail price of just $22.99, it comes in way below the price of many similar boutique lures without sacrificing anything in the fish-catching department!

Check out the SP-ORCA FB and the full line of Orca lures at your nearest Shimano dealer today. Website:



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