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Product Spotlight: Spheros SW Spinning Combo

Sometime putting that perfect combo together for inshore fishing can drive you crazy. We’ve all been there spending hours researching rods and reels and once you think you have the perfect pairing, you put it in your hands and the outfit feels out of balance and your right back to square one.

Shimano has done the hard work for you with the introduction of the Spheros SW Spinning Combo. This combo is the perfect size and balance for a number of different situations you might face while fishing inshore waters in the Northeast region.



Coming in at 7 feet, the length of the Spheros rod is optimal for casting small plugs to stripers or bluefish, drifting a bucktail for fluke or even jigging for sea bass or porgies. The length of this rod makes it a multi-purpose stick meaning you can either use it on the boat or from the shore. I’ve personally found this length to be the sweet spot to pull off both methods of fishing with. You still have the length to cast a lure far enough but it’s not so long that it will interfere with maneuvering a fish on a boat for landing and unhooking. The rod is a one piece, fast action, medium-heavy model rated for 20- to 50-pound braid so if you have to put some pressure on that large fish, you certainly can.

The reel featured on this combo is a Shimano Spheros 3000 spinning reel. This size reel is the perfect match for the rod and will feel comfortable in your hands, giving you the ability to fish for an entire tide, thus catching more fish by the end of a trip. The reel is packed with proven Shimano features like Hagane Gear, Hagane Body, and X-Ship. The Spheros SW is designed and built to maximize cranking power. Add Coreprotect water repulsion, and waterproof Cross Carbon Drag and you have a reel that will “spin forever” even in the most challenging environments.

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