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Product Spotlight: Spro Bucktail Teaser

ZucchniWhen the name Spro is mention in fishing you immediately will think about their wildly popular and successful fish-catching Spro bucktails. Any avid fluke fisherman who is serious about fluking has used these jigs before when targeting fluke in a number of different scenarios. And if you haven’t used these jigs before it won’t take you long to realize this bucktail line with over 20 different color selections performs exceptionally well.

With the use of a bucktail when fluke fishing comes the use of a teaser also for many, maybe 1 to 1-1/2 feet above the bucktail. Spro has answered the call of avid flukers by introducing the bucktail teaser to their line of product to go hand-in-hand with its bucktails.

WhiteThese attractive teaser by Spro are available in six different colors and fit the bill for either fluke, sea bass or striper fishing here in the Northeast. The product is available in either a 2/0 or 3/0 Gamakatsu Oshaunessy hook, which from experience is extremely durable and sharp and will have no trouble penetration the mouth of the fish you’re after and keep it hooked. Just the right amount of bucktail hair makes the teaser look just right while the right amount of thread and finish will hold it all together for extended use. Small eyes on the teaser add the finishing touches. I’d recommend using the smaller model for fluke and sea bass tipped with an artificial or natural strip bait while the larger model will work perfectly for stripers just by itself. Another nice feature about the teasers is they come in packages of three so if you happen to lose one, which happens often in fishing, you will have extras to rig right up to get you back fishing.

PinkA Spro bucktail and a Spro teaser is a combo similar to peanut butter and jelly. They’re just meant to be fished together. The 2/0 size goes for $7.88 and the 3/0 comes in at $9.45.

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