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Product Spotlight: Spro Wavetail Grub

All new from the innovative tackle producer SPRO is the Wavetail Grub. This ribbed body grub comes in many attractive colors that are sure to work in an array of situations for a variety of species. Models include the 3, 4.25 and 6-inch. It’s injected with SPRO’s Amino Bite Scent so that once a fish bites on, they will have a hard time wanting to let go. Use this soft bait on a proven SPRO bucktail jig or a plain jig head.

The Wavetail Grub is perfect for an array of species here in the Northeast. If bounced along the bottom for fluke, the unique tail bend will create plenty of action, making it hard for a hungry fish to resist. The vast line of colors available will match nearly any baitfish that predatory fluke will feed on. Mix it up by fishing these grubs on a hi-lo rig with two different colors when you’re unsure of what they are keyed in on during a particular tide. Try to use the 6-inch model for a doormat fluke.

Employ the use of the Wavetail Grub for ravenous sea bass on rock piles and wrecks. As these grubs make their way to the bottom, the tail action will immediately catch the attention of these fish. Once they are drawn in, the scent will keep them in the area and trigger much more aggressive hits. Give the 3- or 4.25-inch a shot when sea bassing.

Don’t stop at just these species though. The Wavetail Grub has endless potential and can be fished yearlong for a countless number of species along the coast. This is one of those baits to have in the tackle box at all times. All models retail for $6.30.

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