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Product Spotlight: Suzuki Stealth Line Outboards


Introduced at the 2024 Miami Boat Show, Suzuki’s new Stealth Line offers timeless styling and a unique matte black coloration that will look good on the transom of just about any coastal fishing boat.

Stealthy Approach

One thing that really stood out at February’s Miami International Boat Show was the myriad rainbow colors offered by outboard manufacturers these days. It’s getting to be a dizzying selection process, from a palette of standard colors with additional custom colors, custom color panel inserts, different colored gear cases, etc. That’s also a lot of added inventory for both engine manufacturers and dealers to keep up with, creating the predictable potential for supply chain issues. Additionally, it does nothing to streamline the boat buying process, which is stressful enough with a daunting array of boat accessories, electronics, electric trolling motors, battery and canvas options to consider.

To help simplify the process, the folks from Suzuki took a page out of Henry Ford’s automotive playbook with their new Stealth Line outboards. Back in the day, you could have one of Henry’s new-fangled Model T Ford automobiles in one basic color: black. Black is one of those basic fundamental shades that go with just about everything, from hoodies to piano keys to cocktail dresses and more. “Shinobi” is the Japanese word for “stealth,” loosely defined in their culture as the one who is quiet in nature yet strong in performance, blends in unseen in the background, with exceptional endurance. Suzuki outboards have frequently been described this way internally, and now the outward appearance finally matches what’s been going on inside for a while. To paraphrase the AC/DC tune, they are “Back in Black.”

There’s no doubt that Suzuki’s Stealth Line looks totally cool just sitting on the back of a boat. It’s visually appealing, and no matter what your hull or topside color, it seems to blend right into the mix, sitting quietly on the transom until you jam the throttles, where the stealthy ninja transforms into a roaring tiger. With a new, all-matte black finish and matching chrome black graphics, Suzuki’s new Stealth line delivers a look that compliments a range of popular boat styles, from bass boats, bay boats, and flats skiffs to large offshore center consoles. With their “sneaky” good looks, this family of motors has a way of giving any boat an extra dose of attitude, whether sitting at the dock or racing across the water.

Stealth Family

Underneath these motor’s bold exteriors lurks all the performance, advanced technology, fuel efficiency, and rock-solid reliability boaters have come to expect from Suzuki 4-stroke outboards. Suzuki’s DF115B Stealth Line outboard is a 2.0-liter, inline 4-cylinder that delivers a powerful punch to flats skiffs, small center consoles, aluminum fishing boats, and other popular vessels. The big block 2.9 liter inline 4-cylinder DF150 and DF200 Stealth Line outboards are ideal for all applications, including center consoles, dual consoles, bay boats, and other freshwater/inshore boats that need to fish fast and hard all day long. Now offering a 2.5:1 gear ratio, these two Stealth Line outboards deliver serious power and fuel efficiency in a motor that is compact, lightweight, and, of course, features that eye-catching Stealth Line look.

Suzuki’s V6 Stealth Line includes the big-block 4.0 liter DF250 Stealth (mechanically controlled), ideal for powering large bay boats, dual consoles, and cabin boats, as well as a variety of center consoles in single, or multiple, engine formats. Finally, the DF250A Stealth (digitally controlled) delivers the superior hole shot, strong acceleration, and blistering top-end performance required to power premium center and dual console boats and single application bay boats. Suzuki Marine also unveiled the sleek and sexy Stealth Line concept version of its flagship V6 DF350AMD outboard, the industry’s first motor to provide the performance benefits and increased efficiency of dual contra-rotating propellers. Suzuki will have future announcements on the availability of this flagship Stealth Line model soon.

The DF115B and DF250A Stealth Line outboards are available now, and the DF150, DF200, and DF250 Stealth Line outboards will be available in the early summer of 2024. All the Stealth Line models can be purchased through authorized Suzuki Marine dealers, so check with your local dealer for availability. To learn more about Suzuki’s new Stealth Line of outboards for 2024, visit