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Product Spotlight: Visser-Grip Titanium Pliers


Pliers are an important component of the angler’s tool kit. They serve many purposes from removing hooks from fish to cutting braided line to changing out hooks on plugs and lures. In some cases multiple dedicated pairs of pliers might be required to perform all these tasks, but if you ask most anglers what they want most out of a pair of pliers, they’ll highlight one key thing: they must be reliable.

Being reliable can mean many things—it might mean that they will resist corrosion and withstand the rigors of the salt. I might mean that they are durable and will always be ready to go when you need them, regardless of the situation. It might mean that they require very little maintenance, so that you can grab them and go without a second thought. It might also mean that they can be relied upon to perform many tasks in the field. Luckily, the Visser-Grip Titanium Pliers are reliable on all of these fronts.

For starters, they are made from 6AL-4V Grade 5 titanium alloy, the toughest and most corrosion impervious titanium available. The jaws will not twist or torque out of alignment and the material will stand up to years upon years of heavy use in the most unforgiving saltwater environments. The hinge system is rock-solid, giving the pliers, what the company describes as a ‘vise-like grip’. The cutters are made by Visser from the toughest tool material available and will cut everything from braid and mono to soft wire with ease. My favorite feature of the cutters though, is the patent pending split ring notch that will allow anglers to change hooks in the field without having to carry a second pair of pliers. It’s a really cool feature!

The patent pending split ring notch.

Much attention was given to the design of the holster. The design is inspired by tactical gear used by military and police. The sleek design is fabricated from Kydex, an acrylic-polyvinyl material that is used for firearm holsters, knife sheaths and even aircraft bulkheads. The material is known for its durability and high impact-resistance, making it a perfect material for use in unforgiving fishing environments like the surf or a kayak. The pliers securely snap into the holster but also disengage with ease, always right where you need them. The holster fits perfectly on a 2-inch wide surf belt and has been designed for both left and right hand use. You can even customize the height position of your holster by adjusting two of the 304-grade stainless steel screws. A top-quality lanyard also comes standard with both sizes of Visser-Grip Pliers.

Another thing anglers will love about the Visser-Grip Titanium Pliers is that they are nearly one-third lighter than other pliers in their class. They sport a longer, more comfortable grip and narrower jaws without sacrificing any strength or durability—a testament to the superior material. Visser-Grip Pliers come in two sizes, 7.5 inches (weighing just 7.6 ounces) and 6.5 inches (weighing just 4.2 ounces) and carry a lifetime warranty. The 7.5-inch pliers retail for $359 and the 6.5-inchers are priced at $329. These pliers are an investment in a lifetime of fishing, you’ll never have to buy another pair of pliers and you’ll never have to struggled with another set of ‘cheapies’ purchased in haste at the tackle shop. A good pair of pliers might be the most important tool anglers carry and a great pair of pliers, like the Visser-Grip Titanium Pliers, will quickly prove to be worth its weight in gold.



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