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Product Spotlight: Visser Reels

Rob Koelewyn is hard to satisfy. He has designed some of the most famous and beloved high-end reels on the market and their pedigree has been proven by the test of time. With his latest brainchild, the Visser, he packed a rugged frame with 12 bearings, made the gear case waterproof and made the drag waterproof. Basically you’re getting the best of both high-end worlds.

I was able to test the Number 4 size, this reel lines up in the 4000 class for other manufacturers it comes in six total sizes ranging from 3 to 8. The thing that jumps right out at you is the elegant blend of style and toughness. The spool features a solid titanium lip, this is probably the most vulnerable part of the reel and that titanium lip makes the Visser spool one of the toughest in the industry. The Visser is completely user-serviceable and customizable. Aftermarket accessories are planned for the near future, different knobs, longer reel stems, there are rumors about the incorporation of carbon fiber.


The reel is machined from one piece of aluminum alloy, limiting the number of intrusion points and eliminating weaknesses. The whole reel is built around a modular concept which makes repairs and customizations a snap – the whole reel can be broken down using standard tools or the included takedown tool. The machining feels super tight, there is virtually no play or deflection in the moving parts and it’s satisfying to crank the handle. In fact, the power knob is probably the most comfortable power knob I have ever used! The drag knob is also intuitively designed; easy to grip and comfortable to use.

The reel performs beautifully in the field. Line flies off the spool on the cast and you can really appreciate the precision machining when fishing something like an albie tin, fast on the surface. The manual bail is responsive and simple to use; you’ll also like the elliptical cross-section of the bail wire which makes the bail much more rigid and far less susceptible to bending. Overall the Visser feels like a winner, check them out at

Model Ratio Weight IPT Drag lbs. Bearings Line Spool Dia
#3 6.6:1 9.2 oz 36 26.5 12 +1 360/20 1.80
#4 6.6:1 9.6 oz 38.5 26.5 12 +1 420/20 1.95
#5 5.8:1 15.4 oz 38 35 12 +1 290/30 2.12
#6 5.8:1 15.9 oz 42 35 12 +1 300/40 2.30
#7 5.8:1 16.5 oz 45 44 12 +1 260/60 2.50
#8 5.8:1 16.8 oz 48 44 12 +1 270/70 2.70



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