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Reader Gallery: …And Saltwater Fishing Takes Over!

It’s that time of year when so many of our readers transition to the salt, full time. And the dominant species, at this time of year, is our beloved striped bass. By shore, boat and kayak, striper photos seem to rifle in with a snappiness that mirrors the enthusiasm of the excited anglers that chase them. Of course, we still get our freshwater pics and we’ll see a few other briny species as well, but May and June belong to the bass and, by the time we’re piecing together our next gallery, we should be seeing sea bass, fluke, tuna and maybe even a weakfish or two. If you’d like to see your photos published here, please email them to [email protected]. And make sure to monitor our New England Fishing Forecast on YouTube where your photos can earn you cool prizes.

Tim Jensen booked and early-season trip with Reel Cast Charters and was rewarded with this chunky striped bass.
This is not his first rodeo, this young man, Andrew Drake, sends in photos all the time and this pic of his awesome largemouth bass won him a custom plug in our most recent Fishing Forecast Giveaway!
Starting the season off on the right foot, Nick Leon stuck this solid striper while fishing along the banks of the Merrimack River.
Regular photo contributor Larry LaForce was looking for a change of pace so he set his sights on winter flounder and scored.
Jason Gockel and his girlfriend Jenny had a blast catching early-season stripers on the Thames River.
Ryan DeFaria caught this awesome striped bass in Bristol Harbor around the beginning of May.
The Rhode Island Breachways saw some early stripers this year, here’s Zaiden D’Elia with his first of 2024. Courtesy of Breachway Bait & Tackle.
Here’s another breachway bass landed in May by Nick Platek. Courtesy of Breachway Bait & Tackle.
Ben Ellis got in on the Breachway bassin’ as well, here he is with another solid, early-season fish. Courtesy of Breachway Bait & Tackle.


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