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Reader Gallery: Up & Coming Anglers

Perhaps my favorite thing about the photos we’ve been receiving this year is the sheer numbers of kids we’re seeing out enjoying the amazing sport of fishing. And, as the father of a little girl, I am especially thrilled to see so many young girls getting into the sport. The real icing on the cake though, are the family shots that show kids and their dads, moms, uncles or grandparents fishing together. Some of the best memories from my childhood were made fishing with my uncle or grandfather, and while these experiences seemed ordinary in the moment, they have since endured years upon years in my increasingly cluttered mind and have now achieved “core memory” status and I’m so thankful to have them, ready to access anytime I need to travel through time and relax just a little bit.

Jake Hanson got in on the tail end of the summer blackfish season in Connecticut and landed this awesome tog. Photo provided by Fishin’ Factory 3.
Jake and Tommy Coyle are at it again! Here we see Tommy holding a nice bass caught by Jake at Singletary Lake in Sutton, MA. Way to go guys!
Here we have 12-year old Tegan with a slammer bluefish she landed at the end of the summer.
Here is Adrik Gates with his first-ever bluefin caught over Labor Day Weekend.
Next we have Hannah East and this doormat fluke she took on a recent trip with her grandfather.
Morgun Whittaker took a trip aboard the Black Hawk and doubled up on keeper porgies.
Here we have a father-daughter trip, times two. From left to right, Les, Reilly, Piper and Andy Bassett – the quartet had a fantastic private charter with the crew of the Black Hawk and crushed the blues!
Aria Daluz with a nice smallie she caught while fishing a Cape Cod pond with her dad.
Father and son, Blake and Adam Phaiah took a porgy trip aboard the Black Hawk and had a phenomenal time—look at those smiles!



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