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Sleipner Partners With Mercury

IMTRA, the leading manufacturer and importer of quality solutions and products for the marine, energy and transportation markets, announced today that Mercury Marine has teamed up with Sleipner to become the first engine manufacturer to integrate an outboard joystick engine control system with proportional speed bow thrusters. Mercury’s Joystick Piloting for Outboards (JPO) when paired with Sleipner’s proportional bow thrusters and proprietary S-LinkTM network, allows users to take full advantage of the intuitive maneuvering system. Previously, the thruster system and the engine joystick system were independent with separate controls. Now Mercury JPO combines these into the single joystick for more intuitive 360-degree control. The new, integrated Joystick Piloting for Outboards is available as of March, 2022.

Mercury joins the long list of engine and gearbox manufacturers that already integrate with Sleipner thrusters and S-Link like ZF, Twin Disc, XENTA, mtu, Glendinning, Yanmar, Volvo and others. Ideal for outboard-powered boats from 20- to 65-feet, the proportional thrusters are designed for operators looking for more control in tight spaces and in windy conditions. With Sleipner proportional thruster systems, boaters are able to use a smaller amount of continuous thrust, rather than a series of short, full-power bursts. Not only is this more intuitive, but it results in a quieter and smoother maneuver.

“We’re very excited to be a part of this industry-first functionality using technologies from Sleipner and Mercury,” said Peter Nolet, DC Thrusters Product Manager, IMTRA. “The designers at both companies worked in concert to give users the most advanced outboard joystick control system on the market. The ease of use of this system is second to none and we look forward to bringing it to boaters throughout the United States.”