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Starbrite Ceramics SiO2 Wash & Wax and Wax and Seal


Spring commissioning means it’s time to uncover, clean and protect your boat, RV or 4×4 for the season. With a virtual sea of products to choose from knowing which products clean the deepest and protects the longest can be a challenge. We just receive Stabrite’s new ceramics SiO2 Wash and Wax products and have been extremely impressed with the initial results.

At the time of writing this it was late winter and unfortunately too early to clean the boat, but our 4×4 beach buggy was a mess with winter salt and grime so we got to work. We started with a washing using Star brite® Ceramics Wash & Wax. It’s said to provide a powerful deep-cleaning that blasts through dirt and also provide instant beading and a lustrous shine, due to its SiO2-infused formula that contains a “sacrificial polymer”. This stuff is impressive! We can attest to their claim being true as we’re extremely impressed with how well it lifted dirt. After drying it was also visibly very shinny. We even poured water on the surface and it beaded after the wash. Apparently the ceramic under layer cures to a durable, stain-resistant barrier to damaging UV-rays, stains, and everyday dirt and grime.

We also used Star brite® Ceramics Wax & Seal. It thoroughly shined the surface to very high glossy and removed stubborn spots. The power of SiO2 tech creates a hard, durable top-layer that repels water, dirt, salt, dust, and other contaminants, as well as providing protection against damaging UV-rays and oxidation. It’s very easy to apply and is designed for use on fiberglass, gelcoat, and painted surfaces.

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