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Sterling Wide Tracker

Sterling Wide Tracker

Every now and then a company produces a product that can claim the title of being a game changer. Well, in 2017, Sterling Tackle introduced to the world their Wide Tracker Bar. It was not only a game changer, but quickly became a must have for anyone patrolling the blue water. It is simple in principle but tough in design. Sterling added a transparent plexiglass keel under the lead bar bird that causes the bar to track up to 30 feet outwards from its normal tracking line, depending on distance from boat, speed, wind and sea conditions. This allows the bar to run effectively in clean water and attract more bites.

The Wide Trackers can be pulled direct from your rod tip or outriggers. Whether you fish them from your outriggers or rod tips, this innovative bar allows you to increase your overall spread width by as much as 60 feet. As with all Sterling products, they are built with high quality components, and have consistently proven effective on all pelagic species. Having used these wide trackers myself I can honestly say that half of the fish that I’m catching on the troll are caught on the Sterling Tackle Wide Trackers. My boat is rigged with very costly carbon fiber outriggers, but since I began towing the Sterling trackers, I rarely use my outriggers. Whether I troll seven rods or nine, I always fish at least four wide tracker bars, two on each side. The bars are available in port and starboard versions, or you can buy a pair with one of each. They are available in both 18- and 36-inch versions, with Bulb Squid or Machine lures. They have also combined the Wide Tracker Bar and the Crazy 8 Daisy Chain into a very effective Crazy 6 Wide Tracker.

Sterling Tackle is not a one trick pony company. They are driven to build the best pelagic lures on the market. You can visit their website to check out all of their products, and view their selection of suggested trolling patterns for wide tracker bars. On my boat, we fish Sterling Tackle gear because they catch fish.  Check them out at




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