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Tackle Tip: Keeping Comfortable

Keeping Comfortable TACKLE TIP

Fishermen are always coming up with tricks to improve every aspect of the angling experience from catching more fish to staying dry. Some say that necessity is the mother of invention, and this most certainly applies here as what follows is all born out of one problem or another I regularly experience while fishing.

Emergency Pack

As I have written about before, I have had some nasty bouts of seasickness. I am usually pretty good about taking some Dramamine prior to a boat trip, but having back-ups on hand is always a good idea. Similarly, I get migraines from time to time, and when one comes out of nowhere while fishing without some ibuprofen handy my day can be ruined in an instant. To make certain that I never forget either on a fishing trip, I have a small plastic container that fits perfectly into a Plano box. I also have a small vial of peppermint oil in the container as it can assist in warding off both migraines and nausea. If there is room, pop a couple Band-Aids in there, too. One bonus tip I’ll share with you is to keep the peppermint vial in a small baggy in case it happens to open up; don’t ask me how I learned that one.

Hot Coffee, Longer

This tip came to me courtesy of the late Tim Coleman in his book, Bass From The Beach. In the chapter titled “Stuff To Do,” he references filling your coffee thermos with hot water prior to adding the coffee (Obviously you need to remove the water before replacing it with coffee.). I run the tap water as hot as it will go and fill my thermos at least 15 minutes before making the coffee, thereby ensuring a nice hot cup throughout the entire trip. This has saved me on many fall, winter and spring trips when I was chilled to the bone, needing a quick pick-me-up to squeeze out a few more casts or to charge my body for the ride home.

Fancy Feet

Whether you fish from shore or by boat, odds are pretty good that you’re going to spend the majority of your time fishing on your feet. I learned long ago that even the best boots can use a helping hand in the comfort department and I’ve been adding comfort insoles for about as long as I can remember to both my wading and deck boots. The best ones I have found, regardless of manufacturer, are the ones designed for workers who stand on concrete and hard surfaces as I figure a rock jetty or fiberglass deck are rather similar. You might be able to get away with dropping them right into the boot, or you might have to remove the existing insoles, but I can assure you the results will be appreciated.



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