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Tackle Tip: Catch More Flounder




Two cans of flourescent spray paint in neon and red

Over the years I have employed various tricks to up my score while flounder pounding. Believe it or not, these three tips will increase your chances at landing a fat one for the fillet table, especially when the bite is tough.

twist tieTwist Tie

Do you remember the old flounder spreaders sold in tackle shops? I am sure they are still around, but I have not seen one used in more than 40 years. When using multiple hooks, they are less likely to get tangled if you grab some twist ties. Double up the twist tie for more strength. Beginning at the center knot where the two hooks are joined, wrap half the twist tie down one side of the knot, then wrap the remaining twist tie down the opposite side. After catching a fish, you will have to re-adjust the spread.


Pink and Yellow Curl Tail GrubsPink and Yellow Curl Tail Grubs

Flounder, in my opinion will show interest in bright colors. The easiest way to adorn your hook is a pink or yellow curl tail grub. To not interfere with the hook and bait, slide the grub on the hook all the way to the snell. Slide the grub onto the snell, which will also aid in keeping it in place. A drop of Krazy Glue will also help.


bright colored sinkers for flounder fishingColor Your Lead

A theme that has long been lost since the downturn in flounder fishing is bright colored sinkers. Tackle shops used to carry them in abundance, but this has also waned. The easiest way is to color them yourself. Simply buy a can of bright spray paint in pink, chartreuse or yellow and spray until your heart’s content. I would advise several coats of paint. If you really want to go all out, you can get powder paint that works after heating up the lead and dipping. This is more durable, but also a bit more involved.



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