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The Rad Brand To Benefit Rera Family

Last year while fishing Moriches Inlet Jetty, Joseph Rera was swept off the jetty while doing what he loved – surf fishing. It was a foggy and rough night, and unfortunately Joseph was lost that night; a tragedy that took a young life from his loving family and friends.

“The Rad Brand” (TRB) is a brand built on giving back. They have a passion for the outdoors, action sports, and to keep it simple – adventure! Above all, they believe in doing really awesome deeds.


TRB strives to reach and impact those with whom our hearts align. With this, TRB will donate 100 percent of the profits raised from sales of the “Radfish” jacket to Joseph’s family. The hope of TRB is that they can offer his family support from like-minded individuals who share a love of fishing. You can purchase this jacket for a limited time at