“At Sea” Product Review ’23 – Mustad Alpha Point Hooks - The Fisherman

“At Sea” Product Review ’23 – Mustad Alpha Point Hooks

On Thursday, November 2, 2023, The Fisherman Magazine joined friends from Mustad and Tackle Direct aboard Capt. Bob Cope’s Full Ahead Sportfishing out of Utsch’s Marina in Cape May, NJ for a little product testing with new Alpha point assist hooks from Mustad, attached via split ring to Ocean Tackle International (OTI) jigs. Using Mustad Slow Bouncer jigging rods with 15-pound braid and 30-pound leader, our team put a hurtin’ on the sea bass and porgies. We spent a few moments with Mustad’s Chris Gatley going over the latest product releases from Mustad, but an uninvited visitor cleared the decks of Capt. Cope’s Calvin Beal for about an hour as an estimated 150-pound sand tiger shark decided to give the smallest Mustad Alpha assist hooks a workout.