NJ/DE Bay Region Fishing Forecast - November 9, 2023 - The Fisherman

NJ/DE Bay Region Fishing Forecast – November 9, 2023

Bass On The Beach & A Chill in the Air

So where are we reporting from along the Jersey Shore this week? Somewhere with occasional bunker busting flare-ups and “slots” and “overs” crashing on gliders, spooks, metal lips and swim shads apparently! A couple of days with westerlies this week puts the bass on the beach, and despite a heavy dose of south winds along the coast this morning, November 9, the Veteran’s Day weekend ahead looks promising in terms of tides, winds and hungry striped bass. Spend 10 minutes on the beach somewhere in the northern half of New Jersey going over the striped bass options, and make sure you’re geared up for cool weather and hot striper bite to come. Plus, we’ve got black sea bass in play in the New Jersey, Delaware Bay region, with blackfish bag limits going up on November 16. Join us for this week’s full video fishing forecast from somewhere on the beach as striped bass are keeping surf rods bent.