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Hunting A Dream Boat Fluke

Some of the finer points of hunting summertime doormats and a possible spot on the Dream Boat leaderboard.

The waters east of Montauk

Jumbos Of The Deep: Fluke Off ‘The End’

As we settle into the hot, summer months, so do hefty ocean fluke situate themselves in the 60- to 100-foot depths, especially south of Montauk and eastward beyond Block Island.

The author putting the pressure on a bottom-hugging doormat

Deep Water Fluking

Tired of culling through dozens of shorts to find a keeper? Put these tactics to work to improve the quality of your fluking.

Lead heads, painted or unpainted

Artificials for Fluke

Fluke fishing may not be as simple as it once was, but it can sure be a lot more fun, and more productive to boot.