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2017 12 Time Tested Cod Tactics Double

Time Tested Cod Tactics

These cod fishing tactics have stood the test of time and are as effective today as they were in the “good old days.”

A Tuna to Remember

July 27, 2017, started like many other days. I arrived at the Viking 5 Star around 2 a.m.

2017 8 Deep Drop Bottom Fishing Tilefish

Deep Drop Bottom Fishing

Veteran angler/author grabs a spot along the rail for a “golden” opportunity for scoring the best tasting fish offshore.

2017 7 Yellowfin Trolling Tactics CARMEN TUNA

Offshore Savvy: Yellowfin Trolling Tactics

A successful day on the offshore grounds requires more than just a thorough knowledge of water temperature, clarity and the location of baitfish, but it is a good place to start.

2017 6 Inshore Coastal Sharking Main

Inshore Coastal Sharkin’

While perhaps not the monster makos of the deep, it’s not exactly like chasing bluegills and tommycod either.

Sharpen Your Sharking Skills

Sharpen Your Sharking Skills

A veteran shark angler with numerous tournament wins under his belt shares some intel to give you an edge in the sharking game.

Offshore Windfarms

Offshore Wind farms

What effect will proposed off shore wind farms have on both commercial and recreational fisheries here in New England?

Cod Still Winter King Jig

The Cod Is Still Winter King

When it comes to catching cod in the dead of winter, the waters off of Montauk and Block Island are tough to beat.

2017 2 Offshore Pork Choppin Clams

Offshore Pork Choppin’

While cod and blackfish still take center stage, it’s hard to ignore those dinner-plate sized bait stealers filling some rail-hugger coolers.

Gearing Up for Winter Cod

A handful of veteran skippers share their insight on what you need to make a successful run at winter cod.