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October 11, 2021 - 09:26:40

Capt. Mark DeJong of the Celtic Quest Fleet in Port Jefferson told me it was a bit tough this week trying to fish with super strong moon tides that made reaching bottom and holding near impossible. However as the tides eased off, fishing became particularly good to excellent at both Port Jeff and Mattituck. Porgies, sea bass and blues continue to dominate the local waters. Once water temperatures drop to the liking of the togs, the boats will make the switch. In the meantime come on out and enjoy a wonderful day on the water.

October 04, 2021 - 09:53:22

Capt. Mark DeJong of the Celtic Quest Fleet in Port Jefferson told me that fishing is so easy right now, even he can catch them. Starting with Mattituck, the Celtic Grace has been doing a bang-up job with jumbo sea bass and jumbo porgies about every day this week. Porgy fishing is all you care to catch to a per man limit, while sea bass fishing enjoys the same results with most days seeing a full boat limit of knot head biscuits. A few days this week saw plenty of perfect eating size bluefish come over the rails as well. The Celtic Quest sailing from Port Jefferson is also enjoying excellent porgy and sea bass fishing on many trips this week. Capt. Mark says it is shaping up to be a good fall season. The boats are sailing light, therefore come on out and load up before the season dwindles away.