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August 2018

2018 8 Triple Crown Stripers John

Triple Crown Stripers

Reliving an epic day of striped bass fishing off of Long Island’s South Shore on June 9 of this year.

2018 8 Diversify Your Fluke Fishing Catch

Diversify Your Fluke Fishing

Having the tools to shift gears and vary your approach to the fluke game helps you catch more and bigger fluke over the course of a season.

2018 8 17 Fathom Bank

17 Fathom Bank

Nestled on the upper west end of the Mud Hole, 17 Fathoms is always mentioned by the top captains throughout the year.

Young Studds

In the early ‘70s, Alaska republican Don Young and Massachusetts democrat Gerry Studds crossed the aisle to collaborate on legislation to protect America’s coastal fisheries.

2018 8 Tuna East Chatham

Tuna “East of Chatham”

Quite often you’ll see the reference to “East of Chatham” when reading the offshore fishing reports in regards to summer bluefin tuna.