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November 2019: Issue 37

The completed assembly.

Easy Roof Rack

Easy to make and transferable from one vehicle to another, this rack is a simple answer to transporting those 10- and 11-foot surf rods.

Grundéns buoy x bib & jacket

Product Spotlight: Grundéns buoy x bib & jacket

Grundéns recently unveiled a new, rugged line of fishing rain gear in partnership with Gore-Tex comprised of three jackets and two bibs all designed with specific fishing features and utilizing Gore-Tex’s proprietary waterproof breathable technology.

Thanksgiving Blessings

You hold in your hand the 37th issue of The Fisherman Magazine for the year, the 26th and final weekly of 2019.  Our December edition will come out next week, at which point we will go to our monthly publishing schedule for the winter season. 

Another Season Under the Hull

Here we are at the final weekly Fishing Report Supplement of the year, with the final printed issue of The Fisherman Magazine for 2019 coming up next week, our annual Holiday Gift Guide.

ASMFC Striped Bass Vote Draws Mixed Reviews

I’ve been getting lots of feedback since the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission’s (ASMFC) Atlantic Striped Bass Board approved Addendum VI to Amendment 6 of the Interstate Fishery Management Plan for Atlantic Striped Bass, with many folks questioning the results of the board’s vote on size limits and the hearing process leading up to their decision, while applauding other aspects of the Addendum.