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Marina Pez Vela Rooster Fish Rodeo – Costa Rica

2022 Rooster Rodeo

By the looks of things, the 2022 Rooster Rodeo is a good indication that Marina Pez Vela has consolidated some of the most exciting events in all of Central America under one tremendous resort.

This year’s Rodeo brought together 19 total boats, virtually the entire inshore specialist fleet from Marina Pez Vela, with several teams coming from other areas for this unique event.  The 2022 Rooster Rodeo included some close battles, but more importantly it saw the Gray FishTag Research crowned Grand Champion of the event while also deploying high-tech satellite tagging technology – along with dozens of traditional streamer tags – to help track roosterfish migrations.  Similar to what’s being done in the Northeast with striped bass, efforts by Gray FishTag Research in Costa Rica should help provide invaluable scientific data to our conservation teams for the future.

“In this one-day event, there were 57 roosterfish released by 19 boats and a satellite tag was deployed in a trophy 40-inch roosterfish candidate named Ortiz,” said Roxanne Willmer from Gray FishTag Research, explaining that the Ortiz satellite tag has been set for a four-month duration.

The competition was tight with the top three teams  separated by just one small roosterfish release of 50 points.  The results for the event are as follows.

700 total points including two small roosterfish, three medium roosters and two large.
650 total points including one small roosterfish and six medium roosters
650 points including six small roosterfish, two medium and one large.


Jackpot Release Points Winner: Good Day
Largest Rooster Jackpot Winner: Bucket List

The Gray’s Team and the team from Fish Tank led all tagging with five per boat, and a total of 23 roosterfish were successfully tagged including one with a MiniPST device.  Marina Pez Vela would like to tank all of the sponsors for this event, with a special thanks to Gray FishTag Research for helping bring together the fun and beauty of these inshore tournaments, along with the opportunity to show the importance of studying and protecting this magnificent species to a diverse community.

The crew at Marina Pez Vela hope to see you at their next one day event, the Sailfish Slam on March 5th.


The Fisherman Magazine to Attend  the 2022 Marina Pez Vela Open Tournament on Saturday, April 23rd.

Staff from The Fisherman Magazine will be attending this exciting tournament event, filming what we hope to be the exciting catch, tag and release of a Costa Rica roosterfish while employing MiniPSAT technology.  You too can fish this event and be a part of the adventure! Treat yourself to world class fishing in an idyllic tropical paradise while enjoying elegant accommodations, five-star dining and a sport fishing party like no other at the Marine Pez Vela open fishing tournament. Located on the Pacific side in Quepos, Costa Rica, this unique marine environment is teaming with marlin, sailfish, tuna, roosterfish, and unforgettable memories.

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