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2017 Holiday Gift Guide


2017 12 Holiday Gift GuideLeaving The Dock

Spinning Reels

Van Staal VR 50 Spinning Reel

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Van Staal VR50 InsetThe ultimate gift for the light tackle angler who spends time chasing inshore gamefish like stripers, false albacore and bluefish here in the Northeast, and bonefish, tarpon, permit and redfish during forays to our south. Weighing in at just 8.9 ounces, it has undergone extensive field testing, and been pushed to the limit on species like tuna, sharks and large tarpon. It should easily handle any light tackle, inshore fishing situation you encounter here or wherever your fishing travel takes you. Suggested retail is $489.00.


Tsunami Shield Spinning Reel

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Tsunami ShieldLooking for great value in your holiday shopping. The inshore or surf fisherman on your list will appreciate the addition of one of these sealed reels to their arsenal. Available in 3000, 4000, 5000 and 6000 sizes, the two larger models feature 13 internal seals, the two smaller models contain 10 internal seals. At a little over a $100 it’s an inexpensive way to win over your favorite angler.


Zeebaas ZX2 Series Spinning Reels

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide ZeeBaaS ZX2 Series Spin ReelsHere’s one of those special gifts for a very special person. The ZeeBaaS ZX2 series spinning reels were designed by the original creator of Van Staal reels. Built strong with multi flexibility built into the design, these high end reels have a wide range of use, with an incredible strength to weight ratio to handle braided line up to 65-pound test. They are available in four sizes (ZX-20, 22, 25 and 27) and various color combinations, as well as manual pickup and full bail models. They range in price from approximately $850 to $1,050.


Star S Series Reels

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Star Rods S ReelThe most affordable reel in its class, the simple and bulletproof construction of the S Series will give you more than enough strength and durability to tackle big fish. The design features modern updates to tried-and-true designs from the past. The design is simple, durable, and easily serviced by the user. Once you pick up these reels you will be impressed with the precision gears, light weight, and smooth drag performance. From the rigors of the surf to that of your boat or kayak, the S Series reels are a great choice. Available in two sizes, S7000 and S8000, both are easily convertible to bail-less with manual pickup with included conversion kit. MSRP: $179.95.


Daiwa Saltiga Bay Jigging

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Daiwa Saltiga Bay JiggingThe Saltiga line of spinning reels from Daiwa have grown quite popular with hardcore anglers who fish under more extreme saltwater conditions, as the reel line has been redesigned to incorporate three Magsealed ball bearings to prevent corrosion while sealing the rotor bearing.  Now in time for the holidays, the brand new, re-re-designed Daiwa Saltiga Bay Jigging Reels are finding their way to shelves in the J3500 and J4000 sizes ($800).  Boasting a new one-piece frame constructions (Daiwa calls it Monocoque design), instead of using screws to keep the side cover in place, the entire sideplate screws in allowing for a bigger drive gear and an improved corrosion resistance.


Penn Conflict II

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide PENN CONFLICTEvery year we’re blessed with a brand new spinning reel for the fall run from the folks at PENN – and this season you’ll find the toughest, most comfortable PENN spinner to date in the Conflict II.  The second generation Conflict has been totally retooled for 2017 making it 20% lighter (from 1000 to 5000 size); in fact it’s the lightest reel PENN has ever produced and was built with light line applications in mind to allow for endless casts and deeper bucktailing applications.  The new PENN Conflict II features machined aluminum drive gear and pinion gear and their popular HT-100 drag system for silky-smooth play on the most popular Atlantic Coast species.


Quantum Smoke

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide QUANTUMIn early December anglers get a first look at the new Quantum Smoke S3 series at local tackle shops.  Using Reel Engine Design 2.0, Quantum’s new Smoke S3 reels feature all aluminum uni-body construction, which keeps all the gears and key components in precise alignment for a smoother more durable reel.  The new Quantum Smoke S3 features all-new asymmetric gear forged and machined from high-strength aluminum to allow gears to mesh better for improved durability and smoothness.  Quantum’s third generation Smoke will be available in 15, 25, 30 and 40 sizes, with a special two-year warranty upon release through your favorite retailer ($179).



Conventional Reels

Okuma Tesoro

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Okuma Tesoro 2Okuma’s all-new flagship star drag reel, the Tesoro, takes the innovations and industry-leading features found in the Makaira lever-drag reel and adapted them into a star drag package. The reel packs 22 pounds of maximum drag, is available in 10 and 12 sizes and features a high speed 6.2:1 gear ratio. This is a great option for offshore fishing for a variety of species with line capacity of 495 yards of 50-pound braid in the 10 size and 475 yards of 65-pound braid for the 12. MSRP: $319.99.


Shimano Curado 200 K-Series Reels

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Shimano Conv ReelShimano’s all new Curado 200 K-series baitcasting reels make a great gift for that serious freshwater bass angler or light tackle inshore angler on your shopping list. Six models feature left and right hand retrieves and gear ratios ranging from 6.2:1 to 8.5:1.

All hold 230 yards of 30-pound braid and weigh from 7.6 to 7.8 ounces. All feature six shielded anti-rust ball bearings for trouble-free saltwater use. Shimano’s upgraded SVS Infinity centrifugal brake system allows you to cast a wide range of lure weights without backlashing. Suggested MSRP for all six models is $179.99. Call 877-577-0600 or go online.


Avet G2 Lever Drag

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide AVETNew for 2017 from the folks at Avet is the G2 series lever drag reel.  With more line capacity and 40% more drag pressure, the American-made Avet G2 series bridges the gap between Avet’s Original Series and the Raptor.  Oversized bearings evenly distribute drag load pressure while a new dog and gear anti-reverse system incorporates more engagement teeth to reduce handle back-play.  The Avet G2 has a redesigned frame with a ratcheting guide plate/lever system with positive stop at strike and push button release to advance to full drag and is available in single- or two-speed model in JX ($285) to MXL ($385) series in Gold, Silver, Blue, Black and new Neptune’s Heart.


Fin-Nor Primal

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Fin Nor Spf0817 F Ica Re 3For bottom fishing fanatics, the new Fin-Nor Primal lever drag reels are small, lightweight reels designed for braided applications.  Made with heavy duty, all aluminum construction, the Primal features a powerful MegaDrag system for the toughest wreck species along our Atlantic coast.  Available in sizes 10 and 12, either in 7.3:1 high speed (HS) or 5.8:1 low speed (LS), these mighty mites from Fin-Nor boast 15 pounds at strike on up to 30 pounds max pressure while delivering super smooth performance throughout the battle.  Look for Fin-Nor Primal lever drags in your local dealer by mid-November ($199), just in time for Black Friday bottom fishing!


Kastking Spartacus Maximus

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Kastking MaximusKastKing has added the high-end Spartacus Maximus to their array of quality low profile baitcasting reels. It is designed to withstand the rigorous nature of saltwater fishing and large, demanding freshwater species. Packing in excess of 25 pounds of drag pressure and sporting line capacity of 135 yards of 40-pound braid, this is a great choice for inshore saltwater species like striped bass, bluefish, fluke and blackfish. MSRP: $99.98.


Abu Garcia Revo Toro S

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide ABU GARCIAThe Abu Garcia Revo Toro S is the low profile replacement reel for the Revo NACL that was discontinued a few years ago and offers gears 25% larger than that of the former Revo NACL.  Abu Garcia utilizes a keyed drag cartridge so that the drag washer system is keyed or ‘locked’ in place for maximum durability and reliability.  This drag will not slide or plane out under heavy pressure. Equipped with an alloy frame, 5.3 gear ratio, 25-pound max drag, power or paddle handle option as well as left hand and right hand retrieve, the Abu Garcia Revo Toro S ($249) could be your next low profile fluke or togging reel.


Accurate BV 600 & 600N

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Accurate ValiantValiant is the new generation of reels from Accurate focusing on small reels for big fish built exclusively for braid. The Valiant series of reels with their unique shape design, focus on more curvature lines that create strength but also reduce weight of the reels. Recently added to the line-up of BV reels is the 600 size, available in both standard and narrow spool versions as well as single and 2-speed versions. The 600 series put out up to 32 pounds max drag and perfectly suited for 50- to 60-pound braided line. MSRP: $499.00 – $599.00.


Maxel Hybrid Star Drag Reels

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide MAXEL HY25 SGThe Maxel Hybrid Star Drag Reel sheds the extra ounces of previous generations of star-drag reels, weighing in at only 13 (20 model) and 13.7 (25 model) ounces. In this lightweight package comes some mega stopping power with up to 28 pounds of drag to stop gamefish in their tracks. High-speed 5:0:1 ratio retrieve promotes quick line pickup, and the instant anti-reverse clutch bearing delivers secure hooksets. Seven, shielded stainless steel ball bearings ensure reliability during a long fishing season. Paired up with Tsunami slow pitch Trophy series rod, this is the perfect inshore conventional reel for everything from drifting bucktails for fluke to pitching live baits for stripers. MSRP: $279.00 – $319.00.



Tony Maja Bunker Spoon Rod

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Tony Maja Bunker Rod JoinedThere are many rods in your saltwater collection that can serve multiple purposes, but how many are dedicated exclusively to big stripers?  The Tony Maja Custom 8-foot Bunker Spoon Rod ($199.99) is built for one and only one purpose, effectively trolling bunker spoons.  Designed on the specifications of Tony “Maja” Arcabascio based on his old Harnell rod collection, the e-glass blanks feature a fast taper tip to enhance spoon action with plenty of bulk in the Eva fore grips for fighting the fish.  Built with all Pacific Bay components including aluminum reel seat and gimble with carboly reinforced guides, the rod is the most critical system component in spoon trolling stripers.


2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Century Kevlar Nor'EasterCentury Kevlar Nor’Easter Surf Rods

This could be that special gift for the surfcaster in your life. These super durable, high performance rods feature a nanotechnology structural fiberglass reinforced tip and a Kevlar armored butt section to withstand the harshest conditions found in the Northeast surf. Four models 8, 9, 10, and 11 feet handle payloads from 1 to 5 ounces. They retail from $450 to $550. For more info, go to


G. Loomis IMX-PRO Reaction Rods

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Loomis IMX PRO RodsExpanding its IMX-PRO series to offer its largest range of rods for all current bass fishing techniques, G. Loomis introduces the new IMX-PRO Reaction rods. The series adds 27 rods for lure-specific uses to the 24 existing rods in the line-up. All IMX-PRO rods features blanks designed with new G. Loomis materials – a blend of risen and fibers to gain the ultimate strength to weight benefit, Fuji ‘K’ frame Alconite guide train, and more fishing comfort from increased palm swell to the full cork grips. MSRP: $325 to $360.


Lamiglas Paco Kayak Series Rods

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Lamiglas Paco Kayak RodsIf there’s a kayak angler on your list, look no further. The new Paco Kayak Rod Series features six models, five spinning and one casting on graphite and composite blanks. The shorter rear grip with heavy duty leash provides more leverage when fighting fish in the confines of a kayak, and the length (7’ and 7’-2”) allows you to fight fish around the front of your kayak. MSRP on all models is $320.


St. Croix Mojo Jig Rods

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide St Croix Mojo Jig RodsHere’s a gift that any boating angler can put to good use. Vertical jigging has become a major tool in the arsenal of both inshore and offshore anglers here in the Northeast and these rods are specifically designed for this type of fishing. They are light in weight, extremely powerful, constructed of the finest quality components, and available in  conventional and spinning models. All come with a five-year warranty and retail for around $200.


Star VPR Surf Rods

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Star Rods VPR SurfStar Rods has combined a specially formulated high modulus multi-directional graphite with new specialized formula Nano resin to increase strength and reduce weight. They further added a Nano-reinforced butt weave and the result is the best rods they have ever made. Put one in your hand and you will feel the difference in these rods which are as light as vapor and as strong as steel. Components include special Fuji® guides with SIC Rings, premium Fuji® HD reel seats and EVA handles. There are six models available from 8’ to 11’. MSRP: $299.95 – $329.95.


Shimano Ocea Plugger Full Throttle Rods

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide SHIMANO Ocea Plugger S83MH 2Experience surface action excitement, and be in complete control of lure action, with Shimano’s new OCEA Plugger ‘Full Throttle’ spinning rods. Offered in three lengths and strengths—an 8’2” medium heavy power, and 8’3” and 8’8” heavy power—the OCEA Plugger Full Throttle rods combine both Shimano’s Spiral X and Hi-Power X blank construction technology to produce the best offshore plugging rod on the market. All two-pieces models, the rods feature Fuji tangle free SiC K guides adding to increased casting distance and sensitivity. MSRP: $599.99.




2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Hodgman Brighton WaderHodgman Brighton Neoprene Cleated Max5 Waders

Keep your favorite fisherman dry in these new waders from Hodgman. Featuring a 3.5mm neoprene shell, reinforced double layer knees, a top entry pocket with fleece lined hand warmer pocket, 600g Thinsulate® rubber boot with cleated sole, two front D-rings for accessories and Y-back elastic suspender straps with opposing buckles, these are a great value at an MSRP of $159.99. Available in mens full sizes from 8 to 13.


2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Simms Exstream BootfootSimms Exstream Bootfoot Wader

The ultimate in a wading boot, the ExStream™ Bootfoot ensures comfort, warmth, and cutting-edge performance. Featuring waterproof/breathable 3-layer GORE-TEX® Pro Shell uppers and 5-layer legs featuring patented front and back leg seams for a perfect fit and maximum comfort. Two zippered reach-through micro fleece-lined pockets protect frigid hands. The boots are insulated with 7mm neoprene lining rated to -40 degrees F. They sell for $799.99.


XTRATUF Footwear

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide XTRATUF BootThe new XTRATUF® Riptide performance water shoe features the same non-slip Chevron outsole as their commercial grade fishing boots. Designed for easy on/easy off comfort, they feature a breathable quick dry airmesh upper to allow for drainage. They retail for about $80. For the offshore angler on your list, their Ankle Deck Boots could be the perfect gift. They are lightweight, easy to slip on and off, and completely waterproof. They retail for $89.99.


Grundens Stormlight Jacket

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Grundens StormlightThis superlight jacket keeps active anglers dry during summer squalls or heavy downpours. Tailored from nylon neo-stretch material that is waterproof and breathable, Grundens Stormlight delivers comfort and freedom of movement whether you’re rigging gear or battling fish. Features like a fully adjustable hood, waterproof zipper, adjustable hem and hook-and-loop adjustable cuffs help seal out rain and spray. Resists stains, scales and slime to keep its good looks season after season. Lightweight and easily packable, this jacket is perfect for traveling anglers in search of adventure. MSRP: $179.99.


Guy Cotten Yukon Pullover

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Guy Cotten Yukon PulloverIf you plan on doing a little wreck fishing over the holidays – or anytime the weather turns a bit gnarly – the Guy Cotten Yukon Pullover.  Featuring super warm Polartec Windbloc fleece in the chest, shoulders and hood with PVC sleeves, abdomen and back, these black and orange hooded pullover hybrids are great for everyday fishing.  The Yukon is 1/3-zip at the top with nylon YKK zipper (the Tongass jacket is a similar top but full zip) and has neoprene sleeve cuffs, two deep side pockets and a large hood with draw cord.  Out several years now, the American-made Guy Cotton Yukon Pullover ($127) is to hardcore deck fishing what the Guy Cotton Montauk ($150) has become to Northeast jetty jocks.


444 Sportswear Performance

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide 444 SPORTSWEAR STRIPERWear your passion with 444 Sportswear’s Striper Hunter 50+ UPF performance shirt.   Lab certified ultraviolet protection rated at a 50-plus rating, these high-tech performance shirts wick away moisture and have a smooth, comfortable feel with fully sublimated graphics that will never peel, crack or fade.  New Jersey based 444 Sportswear is designed and manufactured for local fishermen by local fishermen, and their apparel features unique designs and imagery of fish that matter to local anglers including striped bass, fluke, blackfish, bluefin, yellowfin, mako, marlin, largemouth and more.  Now through the holidays get free shipping on all these long sleeve performance shirts ($49) and other 444 Sportswear products online.


Stormr Aero Series Jacket and Bib

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide STORMR Aero Jacket Front 2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide STORMR Aero Bib Black Gray FrontThe Aero Series is Stormr’s deep breathing mid-weight, ultra-flexible rain gear system. Both the jacket and bib deliver superior comfort and all-weather performance without the bulk. The exclusive VAPR Tech material not only breathes deeply, it is an extremely maneuverable product. The Aero boasts a 3-layer, 100% seam sealed, DWR treated 20,000mm waterproof and 20,000g/m2 breathable construction. The feature-rich system includes YKK AquaGuard® zippers, internal neoprene wrist seals, multiple high volume pockets, articulated adjustable hood, knees and seat and internal waist adjustments. MSRP: $249.95 each piece.


Cuda Fishing Gloves

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide CUDA Offshore GloveDesigned to meet the needs of both salt and freshwater anglers alike, Cuda’s new line of marine and freshwater fishing gloves are available in three styles: bait, wire wrap and offshore. The gloves are constructed from puncture-resistant, multi-layer Kevlar and incorporate touchscreen capabilities so you can operate a smartphone or other electronic device while wearing the gloves. Due to the Kevlar construction, the gloves are extremely durable and protect the user from cuts and abrasions, while remaining lightweight and comfortable to wear. MSRP: $57.49 – $63.24.




Plano V-Crate Tackle Storage System

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Plano V CrateTackle storage is a headache for many anglers and especially kayak anglers. The V-Crate is a gift that can go a long way to solving that headache. The V-Crate takes the popular milk crate model and improves it in every category for storage that’s the first of its kind, engineered specifically for kayak fishing. The unique V-shape wraps the kayaker with StowAway® utility boxes on either side for easy access, with a lot of storage in the center module as well, plus a waterproof bin in the base.


Frabill Conservation Series Nets

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Frabill Conservation NetThe Conservation Series Nets by Frabill are designed with safe catch and release in mind. All nets feature 100% knotless mesh netting, eliminating injuries commonly caused by sharp knots. Flat, linear bottoms reduce fish rolling and support the weight of the entire fish. Tangle-free coating prevents hooks entangling in net. Conservation series nets are offered in a series of specie-specific designs that make proper net selection easy for any angler. Choose from two strong, lightweight handle designs for the perfect for your needs in the Cam-Lok (telescoping) handle with extreme extrusion reinforcement or the Pow’r Lok Yoke System featuring a patented design which allows the handle to slide through for convenient storage. MSRP: $94.99 to $199.99.


Dexter Russell UR-CUT 8″ Fillet Knife

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide DEXTER RUSSELL UR CUTHere’s something every angler can use. Whether filleting or cleaning fish, slicing the Thanksgiving turkey or trimming up chicken cutlets, the new UR-Cut 8″ Fillet Knife with Moldable Handle and DEXSTEEL blade will get the job done. The UR-Cut features a moldable handle material that allows the user to form each handle to their grip, making the knife more comfortable to use and easier to grip. Reasonably priced at $28.99 to $33.99.


Engel HD30 Soft Sided Cooler

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide ENGEL COOLERBuying a high-tech, top-quality cooler shouldn’t require loan approval; and it doesn’t have to!  For the past 50 years, generations of sportsmen have turned to Engel to keep things cool, and their new HD30 100% Waterproof Soft Sided Cooler is about the coolest.  A 30-liter bag with extra-wide top, the Engel HD30 offers easy access to what’s inside, while the waterproof zipper make sure it stays there even if the cooler is turned on its side.  If you need to maximize cooler capacity, patent-pending “Vacuum Valve” technology allows you connect a vacuum hose to suck the air out of the space between the two insulating walls.  An independent review shows the HD30 ($199) able to keep beverages cold for 4-1/2 days in 90-degree temperatures!


2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide CUDA Tackle Center With Tools Closed NetCuda Tackle Center

This unique tool containment system from Cuda provides a convenient place to store your fishing tools and accessories. The Cuda Tackle Center fits securely into most cup holders and the turning ring at the base locks it into place. It is an excellent choice for kayaks where space and mobility are limited. Containment rods inside the tackle center hug the tools and keep them from shifting and are easy to clean. The net cover connects in 4 spots to keep tools in place and always at the ready. MSRP: $57.49



Outside the Tackle Box

Lowrance Hook 2

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Lowrance HOOK2 9The new HOOK2 series of fishfinders/chartplotters features 12 models that will fit any shopping budget, with units ranging from $99 $1,499. The easy to use HOOK2s actively correct sonar settings for the clearest underwater view, allowing your favorite angler to spend more time fishing and less time making manual adjustments to their sonar settings. Most models will also feature full navigational capability and pre-loaded, high-detail mapping. For more information, or to locate an authorized Lowrance dealer, visit their website.


Furuno GP1870F GPS/Plotter/Fishfinder

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Furuno GP1870FWant to help your loved one catch more fish. How about this fully integrated GPS/Chart Plotter/Fish Finder?  It’s compact, waterproof and durable enough to take the pounding small and mid-size fishing machines are often subjected to. This unit delivers highly accurate data and crystal-clear pictures on a 7-inch wide format, color bonded LCD screen and is extremely user friendly. It retails for just under $1,000.


Sea Eagle® Fishsup™ FS126

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Sea Eagle FISHSUPHere’s something special for that active angler in your life. Stand-Up (SUP) fishing is growing in popularity and Sea Eagle’s new super stable, inflatable FishSUP™ FS126 is an economical and efficient fishing platform that provides a stealthy approach into the shallowest and most difficult to reach fishing areas. It is extremely durable, features a non-slip standing surface, and measures 12-feet, 6-inches long and 40-inches wide. With options that include a WaterSnake® Venom electric motor, it retails for $1,249.


Global Fish Mounts Striper Mount

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide GLOBAL FISH MOUNTSNo doubt a 50-inch striped bass is a true trophy fish.  But with so many anglers opting to release those big breeders today, a cellphone snapshot and Facebook immortality is often an angler’s only memento.  At Global Fish Mounts, they can provide a realistic fish mount of a striper catch to 50 inches ($497.50) while using that digital photo of yours to help identify specific markings for your catch for a true customization of your personal trophy.  With a fired enamel glass eye, you’ll be staring down that fish of a lifetime in the living room for years to come while proudly telling tales of she continues to swim out there, somewhere!


Hobie Compass

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide HOBIE KAYAK

The newest addition to Hobie’s fleet of MirageDrive pedal system kayaks is the Hobie Compass.  With Glide Technology to move you easily through the water hands-free, the new 12-footer with a 34-inch width offers maximum stability and oversized cockpit, yet provides sharp turning radius to make it quite nimble in tight quarters.  The bow hatch was replaced with mesh-covered gear well for stand-up, and the rudder tucked under the stern to keep it free from fish hang-ups.  Subtle factory redesigns have saved time and money at Hobie, the savings of which are passed along to you in a lightweight 68-pound fishing machine with molded-in rod holders, H-Track accessory mounts and a transducer cavity ready for your Lowrance fishfinder for under $2K.


Mud Hole “Turnkey” Rod Kit

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide MUD HOLEWhile many saltwater junkies will be lining the party boat rails as often as possible come January and February, another Northeast weather is sure to KO more than a few trips to the offshore grounds.  Make use of your down time by turning out your own custom rod; the folks at Mud Hole are offering an amazing value in their MHX Saltwater Fishing Rod Turnkey Kit.  Just $209 for this all-in-one kit that has everything you need to build a custom saltwater rod, from the blank, to all the components and supplies, there’s also a CRB Hand Wrapper for applying threads and 110V drying motor that’s perfect for novice and professionals alike.


Fuji Corrosion Control Frames and Fuji Fazlite Rings

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide FujiFuji’s new Corrosion Control (CC) process is a breakthrough in guide performance that provides seven times the corrosion resistance of standard stainless steel. CC is a proprietary treatment that is not sand or bead blasted and is not painted but instead relies on a series of eco-friendly treatments that molecularly bond to the surface of the metal and provide long-term protection. CC frames come in three colors – Silver, Grey and new Gun Metal – will be available in Fuji’s most popular K-Series frames with SiC, ALCONITE and the all-new FazLite rings. FazLite rings combine long-cast performance, durability and the most affordable ring ever pressed into K-Series frames. They are braid-proof, super tough, and smooth as silk and come in between the pricing of ALCONITE and Concept “O” rings. They are available in all K-Series frames from KT to KL-H and the all-new CC Corrosion Control frames.



Stocking Stuffers

Mustad Kaiju Inline Hook

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Mustad Inline Single HookA pack of these hooks make an ideal stocking stuffer item for any angler who enjoys tossing plugs to gamefish like stripers, blues and tuna. These inline single hooks feature Mustad’s Ultrapoint and are chemically sharpened. They are forged out of high carbon steel, are heavy duty with an extra wide bend and Duratin Finish. An ideal replacement hook for anglers who want to switch from trebles to single hooks on their plugs. Sizes from 1/0 to 8/0. See the full line of Mustad hooks on their website.


Seaguar Smackdown Tournament Braid

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Seaguar Smackdown LineBraided line makes a great stocking stuffer for any angler. Seaguar’s Smackdown Braid is ultra-strong, yet so thin that 20-pound test has the diameter of 6-pound monofilament. It is made with eight ultra-thin, micro-weave strands in a round, smooth-casting profile with extra sensitivity, giving it exceptional knot and tensile strength with unparalleled abrasion resistance. Available in 150 yard spools from 10 to 65-pound test. Retails for about $28.


American Fishing Wire / HI-SEAS

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide American Fishing WireIf you are looking for stocking stuffers, look no further than some of the products offered by American Fishing Wire and HI-SEAS. Fluorocarbon leader material is a must in any gear bag and HI-SEAS has it. Their Grand Slam Braid makes is another nice item for the stocking, but don’t forget the little things. A few packs of AFW’s Might Mini snaps and swivels might just save the day next season. Check out the American Fishing Wire product line online.


Spiderwire Stealth Pink Camo

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide SPIDERWIRE STEALTHOne of the most popular surfcasting braids in the Northeast market, Spiderwire Stealth is constructed to provide strength, sensitivity and long casting performance.  In terms of a high visibility selection for boat or beach, the Stealth portfolio has been expanded this season with new Pink Camo which is designed with varying pink/white/black color pattern particularly for sightcasting.  The unique color-jock coating technology holds line color longer, and the PE Microfiber construction in the overall Spiderwire Stealth line is strong, smooth and round providing incredible sensitivity with fewer wind knots.  From Blue or Pink Camo to Spiderwire Stealth Moss Green, spools of 125- to 3000-yard lengths can fit any holiday price point you have from $13 on up.


Owner Hooks

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Owner HooksA few packages of hooks would be a welcome addition to any angler’s stocking. Owner has a wide selection to cover any type of fishing your angler might do. For baitfishing, the MUTU Light with its lighter wire is a good choice for live baits. Circle hooks are playing a more prominent role in the fishing game, and the SSW Circle #5178 is ideal for fishing clams, bunker chunks or live eels for stripers. It is available in sizes 4/0 to 10/0. The SSW Needle Point #5115 makes a great fluke hook in sizes 3/0 to 5/0 and is available from #8 to 7/0. See the whole selection online



2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide PLINE XTCB 8The best way to introduce new tricks to salty old dogs is by gifting, and the P-Line XTCB-8 may be one gift that gets a lot of use in the next few seasons.  Teflon Coated Braid (TCB) by P-Line provides outstanding abrasion resistance, superior knot strength and reduced friction through the guides for better casting.  The P-Line XTCB-8 boasts eight strands of fiber in a tight and compact package.  For anglers who put baits and lures into some pretty unaccommodating conditions around wrecks and rockpiles, eight strands of Teflon coated braid (from $18.99 to $34.99 spools) from P-Line makes a great stocking stuffer.



Maxima Tuna Blue Monofilament

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Maxima Tuna BlueThe all-new Tuna Blue monofilament from Maxima incorporates the proven characteristics of extreme tensile power to land world-class catches, and superb abrasion resistance to protect from razor-sharp teeth. But Tuna Blue offers even more—a new molecular structure that delivers the industry’s toughest shock resistance. The precise amount of stretch prevents line stress, while Tuna Blue’s ability to recoil smoothly and quickly never fails to keep the right amount of tension between the angler and prey. Available from 6- to 180-pound test, this is the perfect line from inshore to offshore. MSRP: $21.00 – $216.00.


Powerpro Depth Hunter

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Power Pro Depth HunterWhether setting a trolling spread or dropping a jig down to a specific depth, pinpoint accuracy can not only be made but also repeated thanks to PowerPro Depth Hunter braided line. Marked with four colors (blue/yellow/green/orange) changing every 25 feet, there is also a black tic marking every five feet for accurate and instant depth measurement. This allows you to present your lure in the strike zone easily, accurately and repeatedly. Available in 10- to 150-pound test and spools from 167 to 3000 yards. MSRP: $24.49 – $579.49.


Sufix Blue Coastal Camo

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Suffix Coastal B 2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Suffix Coastal 1Sufix 832 Advanced Superline is the strongest, most durable small diameter braid on the market, and now it is available in a variegated color called Coastal Camo. R8 Precision Braiding and fiber technology provides superior strength, roundness and line consistency. 832 Advanced Superline has 8 fibers (7 HMPE fibers plus 1 GORE Performance Fiber) and 32 weaves per inch. GORE Performance Fibers improve abrasion resistance, increase casting distance & accuracy and reduce line vibration. HMPE fibers provide high strength & sensitivity, hydrophobic water-repellent protection and small diameter. MSRP: $16.99 – $339.99.


Trapper Tackle Saltwater Hooks

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Trapper Sw TrebleThe difference in Trapper Tackle Hooks is quite obvious with their squared-off hook bend, and the idea behind it is genius. The special design locks both bait and fish into the “trap” between two shafts and right angles making it extremely difficult for fish to escape by throwing the hook. This concept has proven itself extremely effective on hard baits where fish of all species have a greater propensity for throwing the hooks resulting in lost fish. With new saltwater hooks now in the line-up, these are sure to prove extremely effective for Northeast anglers in the coming years. MSRP: $4.99 – $9.99.


VMC Hybrid Treble Hooks

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide VMC Hybrid Treble ShortVMC Hybrid Treble Hooks combine the strength of O’Shaughnessy hooks with the hooking percentage of round bend trebles to create a super-hook for anglers with a lot riding on the line. VMC named the new hook “Hybrid” because it offers the best of both worlds between O’Shaughnessy and round bend hooks. The Hybrid Hook borrows from both styles with few sacrifices. The result of that attention to detail is an upgrade option offering both high hooking and landing percentages and it is available in a size range sure to meet the needs of most anglers. MSRP: $3.29.


Gamakatsu 4X Octopus Inline Circle Hook

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide GAMAKATSU Octopus Circle 4 XStrong NSBWhether using live or chunk bait, circle hooks are just about a no-brainer today. They not only facilitate more effective healthy release of your catch, in many locations and fisheries their use is required. The Gamakatsu 4x Strong Octopus Inline Circle Hook is available in sizes ranging from 1/0-10/0, perfect for everything from fluke to striped bass or shark. MSRP: $4.99 a pack.





Acme Kastmaster XL

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Acme Kastmaster XLFussy, hard to catch false albacore seemed to be everywhere this past fall. Drop a couple of these Acme KASTMASTER XLs in your anglers stocking and save him the frustration of not hooking up next season. Also very effective on striped bass, blues, bonito and weakfish when the fish are feeding on slender-bodied baitfish such as sand eels, anchovies, silversides or smelt. Equally effective for casting or jigging, they retail for about $8. Check out these and other Acme products online.


Yo-Zuri Mag Darter

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Yo Zuri DarterThe new 6-1/2-inch Mag Darter takes up where the original 4-1/8-inch model left off. The larger model fills a niche for those already confidant in the lures ability to score fish, particularly stripers, in big water and big fish situations. The unique lip design produces a tight rolling and natural darting action at a slow, steady retrieve, and its unique patented Magnetic Weight Transfer System allows for longer casts, even into the wind. Check them out online


Atom Atomizer

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Atom AtomizerFor the angler who fished the surf or enjoys casting from a boat, the topwater Atomizer is a proven fish-catcher when it comes to drawing striped bass and blues to the surface. Its unique action makes an incredible amount of noise and creates a surface commotion that simulates a predator attacking schooling baitfish. When slowly retrieved, it can also be effective as sub-surface swimmer. Available in 1-1/4, 2-1/4 and 3 ounce sizes, it sells for about $10. Check them out online


Eagle Claw Pro-V Bend Bucktail

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide EAGLE CLAW V2Eagle Claw has added several sample packs to their Trokar Pro-V Bend Bucktail selections in 2017, from 1-ounce to 3-ounce in hook sizes from 5/0 to 7/0, perfect for solid striper hookups and targeting big fluke.  Featuring Eagle Claw surgically sharpened hook point and 90-degree flat eye, their full line of Pro-V Bend Bucktails are available in chartreuse, pink, and white, with jigs in the assorted three packs ($12).  Eagle Claw made great conservation news this past summer with a Northeast push for longer shank, 5/0-7/0 hooks to help reduce summer flounder mortality, and these Eagle Claw Pro-V Bend Bucktails are a great way to safely sift through shorts on your way to a doormat.


Tsunami Swim Shads

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Tsunami Swim ShadGone for many of us (regrettably) are those days when we’d tear open a gift and run out into the yard with that brand new toy.  Good thing the 2017 run is slow to get underway, as a stocking stuffed with Tsunami Swim Shads is reason enough to hit the salt on Christmas Day!  Pre-rigged baits in lengths of 2 inches (1/8-ounce) to the double-hooked 9 inches (6-1/2 ounces) are right for any saltwater application, whether simple cast and release along the beach or heavy duty jigging along inshore waters.  Built with premium Mustad Ultra Point black nickel hooks molded into each model and available in two new colors this season, Green Mackerel and Black/Purple for night tides.


Z-Man Striper Eye Jigheads

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide ZMANFor the plastic bait connoisseur, the Z-Man SwimmerZ holds a special place in the tackle tray due to its rather “toothy” durability.  Now there’s a more special way to hold that SwimmerZ in place with Z-Man’s new Striper Eye jighead, an upsized version of their popular Trout Eye that matches up well to a wide variety of large soft plastic swimbaits intended for stripers.  Available in oversized Red, Pearl, Glow, and Gold 3D eyes, the jigs are molded in South Carolina with heavy duty 6/0 Mustad UltraPoint hooks and feature a conical keeper spike to hold all your baits in place.  Two jigheads per pack ($5.50), in 1/2-, 3/4- and 1-ounce sizes.


Berkley Gulp!

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide BERKLEY GULP Yelllow 2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide BERKLEY GULP PinkWhenever the holidays roll around, someone somewhere is going to show up at a party carrying what he calls the “bucket of cheer.”  For the coastal angler, there’s no bucket that brings more cheer during the season than a bucket of Gulp!  In the past year the folks at Berkley released their next gen version of this amazing bait, a brand new formula with higher tenacity than earlier versions; and over the past spring and summer they slipped those improved Gulp! baits into a new leak seal zipper.  Whether you’re looking to stuff stockings full of Gulp! packs or wrapping up a bucket full of pink Nemesis for striper sharpies and chartreuse Swimming Mullets for the fluke and sea bass set, nothing spreads holiday cheer better than Berkley Gulp!


Storm 360GT Searchbait

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide STORM 360The new 360GT Searchbait from Storm is the latest crossover (fresh to salt) that you may find lives up to its billing as “the ultimate confidence lure.”  In terms of matching local baits, the boot style tail gives this lure lifelike swim action as if a distressed peanut bunker.  Unlike their ever-popular Storm swim shads which started much of the crossover craze, Storm’s 360GT Searchbait comes packaged with a matching ABC molded jighead (VMC coastal black hook) and two additional bodies per packet. They’re available in 3-1/2-, 4-1/2- and 5-1/2-inch models and retail for between $4.99 and $5.99 per package, making them ideal for quick transfer from stocking to tackle box.


Sebile Bull Minnow

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide SEBILE BULL MINNOWThe lifelike creations of Patrick Sébile first found their way to local plugs bags 10 years ago, but his innovative lures have been winning new converts every season.  The latest Sebile model to hit the market this fall is the 6-inch Sebile Bull Minnow, a highly versatile bait that can be steadily retrieved or jerked depending on conditions and fish preference at the time. This 6-inch striper killer comes in floating (2 ounces), sinking (2-3/8oz) and rocket (2-7/8oz) models at $9.99 each.  Its unique, sharp angled shape cuts through the water and provides efficiency at every speed; it casts a country mile and its wider action profile makes it extremely versatile (slow, fast, steady or jerked).


SPRO Bucktail Jigs

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Spro CChartThe Spro Prime Bucktail Jig has a unique shape of the head and placement of the eyelet which gives this bucktail jig a natural gliding action. When jigged, its body stays parallel for great action and a solid hook-set. The Prime Bucktail Jigs are made with durable, super sharp Gamakatsu hooks and come in an array of fish-catching colors, the newest of which is a great color for the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic: chrome chartreuse. Available in 1/2, 3/4, 1, 2 and 3 ounces. MSRP: $3.69 – $9.19.


Rapala X-Rap Magnum

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Rapala Xrmag Hh HeroWith models designed to run at depths from 10- to 4-feet deep, Rapala X-Rap Magnums run perfect right out of the box without any tuning or adjustment required. They run true at any speed up to 13 knots for big game fish worldwide. X-Rap Magnums come in a wide variety of colors and patterns featuring a textured translucent body, internal holographic foil and 3D holographic eyes to fool even the wariest of gamefish. Built saltwater tough with 3X split rings holding 4X VMC Perma Steel hooks. Some models feature colored lip for added attraction. MSRP: $17.19 – $21.99.


Williamson Koika Jig

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Williamson KaikoThe Williamson Koika jig is asymmetric in design with center balancing to create the perfect fluttering/fall action; ideal for slow-pitch fishing. Slow-pitch jigs are designed to stimulate distressed prey, darting and flashing erratically with each lift of the rod tip before slowly falling with an attractive horizontal flutter on the pause. The perfect choice for targeting schooling fish like sea bass, bluefish, stripers or tuna in the upper water column. Koika Jigs are available in four sizes and eight color patterns to fit all your needs. MSRP: $12.99 – $14.99.


Ahi Lures Live Deception Cedar Plugs

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Ahi Cedar PlugsThe all-new Live Deception cedar plug trolling lures from Ahi USA feature laser-printed image transfers of five of the most common and popular offshore baits including mahi, green mackerel, anchovy, blue mackerel and sardine. Now while cedar plugs are nothing new, the finish and image on these is absolutely insane. It’s not going to chip or flake off, and they look just like the real thing adding a new level of reality to their appeal. Available in both singles and a custom daisy chain configurations. MSRP: $9.99 – $29.99.


Savage Gear SG Bags

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Savage GearWhether fishing in saltwater or fresh, inshore or offshore, we as fishermen are always looking for new ways to carry and store gear. Well, Savage Gear now has a series of tackle bags to help take your angling experience to the next level. With five sizes and configurations in the series to fit all your needs, you’re sure to find the perfect bag or bags for that next fishing trip. Each one comes with the perfect size clear plastic storage containers to hold all your gear. MSRP: $39.99 – $79.99.





Salt Life Sunglasses

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Salt Life SunglassesWho can’t use a good pair of sunglasses? Fearturing Zeiss lens technology, POL PC ergonomically wrapped lenses block more light and help protect against sand and saltwater. Ri-Pel coating protects the front of the lens by shedding dirt, dust, water and oil. Premium grade polarizing film reduces reflected glare, and provides true color recognition, clarity and total UV protection. Popular models include the Boca, Largo, Captiva, Marathon and Cortez ranging from $150 to $200. See them online.


Costa Del Mar “Sunrise Silver”

2017 12 Holiday Gift Guide Costa Del Mar Sunrise SilverWhen shopping around for sunglass options at Costa Del Mar, you might go crazy choosing from the multitude of frames and lens colors.  In 2017, Costa Del Mar launched a brand new, high-contrast lens option called Sunrise Silver developed exclusively with sight fishing in mind, and available this holiday season in the seven most popular frame selections with fishermen (Fantail, Tuna Alley, Blackfin, Isabella, Corbina, Fisch and Motu) from $189 and prescription ready.  Sunrise Silver lenses provide better contrast between light and dark, and allow captains and crews to see deeper into the water; their ideal for flats and inshore fishing, and also for looking for any movement way back in your offshore spread.




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