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2019 Party Boat Guide

EAST END By Tony Salerno

Showing off fish on a boatEbb Tide II: 470 West Lake Dr. Montauk: “From novice to veteran, our team will provide a fishing trip to remember in legendary Montauk” is the slogan for the captains and crew of the Ebb Tide II. The beautiful clean and spacious 70-foot Gillikin party boat has twin diesel engines making it fast and built for comfort for up to 75 passengers. The deck is wide and roomy, and the cabin large and heated, which is ideal for families and sharpies alike. The crew is friendly and courteous and right there to net your fish or remove tangles. In the wheelhouse depending on the day, one of three captains will be manning the helm. Capt. Jake, Capt. Joe and Capt. Dave combine more than 150 years of experience in Montauk waters. All three captains are masters at the game and can often pull a rabbit out of the hat on days the fish decide not to chew. The boat sails two trips daily for fluke and will likely switch to full day bottom fishing for porgies, sea bass and blackfish during the fall.
ebbtidefishing.com • 631-668-2818


Capt. Keith WilliamsFin Chaser: Star Island Yacht Club Montauk: For the past six years Capt. Keith Williams has brought new life to the world of sinker bouncing along the East End of Long Island. With more than 40 years of experience bottom fishing, Capt. Keith has brought his expertise to the waters of Montauk as owner and operator of the 65-foot Fin Chaser, specializing at fishing wrecks, reefs and all types of bottom structure putting his patrons over porgies, sea bass, blackfish, ling and cod. The good captain thrives on putting the boat over productive bottom and seeing rods bend. While some state regulations may be liberal in daily allotment, Capt. Keith would like to see regulatory changes of certain species such as porgies and sea bass, which are even more robust now than decades prior. He notes other species such as cod and weakfish have gone through up and down cycles, and would like to see exploration into further stringent regulations upon draggers and gill netters that can easily wipe out these species with daily pressure. While scup and sea bass remain staples from August through October, tog fishing and the renowned Block Island Mix Bag Bonanza is slated for November and December, which are true freezer stuffers in time for the holiday season.
www.myfinchaser.com • 631-643-0940


Capt. Phil KessFishy Business: Orient by the Sea Marina, Orient Point: Long Island has some of the best fishing in the world. Striped bass, fluke, blackfish and all other species teem in the waters off Orient Point, where Capt. Phil Kess and his courteous crew will bring you right where they live. With 58 years of fishing under his belt, and a charter boat captain out of Orient Point for the past 25 years, Capt. Phil enjoys targeting all species in season aboard his custom built 45-foot Downeast offshore lobster hull known for its sea worthiness. However, stripers and blackfish are two all-time favorites. Although taking people fishing has been his passion, Capt. Phil is bothered by not seeing the numbers of new fishermen as in the past and the inconsistency with the fishing regulations. But instead of eating crow during the week when charters are less frequent than weekends, Phil runs open boat specials on weekdays when he isn’t chartered for fluke during the summer and blackfish during the fall. To find out when the boat will be running open, it is best to text the captain your cell number and he will put you on a text notification list and keep you updated.
www.fishybusinesscharters.net • 516-316-6967


Capt. Mike VegessiLazybones: 474 West Lake Drive, Salivar’s Dock Montauk: “Bring your lunch, catch your dinner” has been the famous slogan for the Vegessi family and their half day open boat the Lazybones. Capt. Mike and his sweet lovely bride Kathy have been catering to their patrons for the past 35 years. Throughout those years, everyone who steps foot on the Lazybones is treated like family with countless regulars returning year after year as well as new ones swapping jokes, laughs, fish and personal stories and tears when the older regular veterans go to heaven. The Lazybones is a spiffy fiberglass 55­-foot open boat where Capt. Mike, better known as the “Duke of Fluke” has stuck with the concept he’s had since first launching his business in 1985: two half­-day trips, specifically for fluke in the summer and bass/blues employing diamond­-jigs and bucktails in the fall, primarily in calm local waters, especially when there are children on board, which is just about every day as Capt. Mike and his friendly and courteous crew specialize in family fishing. You’ll want to give Kathy a call beforehand to reserve your spot at the rail since space at the rail is often in high demand.
www.facebook.com/MontauksFamousLazybones/ • 631-668-56771


Capt. Rich JensenNancy Ann IV: Orient by the Sea Marina, Orient Point: Capt. Rich Jensen has spent most of his life as a fisherman. Since the late 1960s Capt. Rich was taught the ropes from his dad and grandad who owned and operated the open boat the Wilhelric. In 1970 Rich began fishing full time, then in 1978 he went on to start his own charter business with the Nancy Ann. Fast forward 31 years, and the modern-day Nancy-Ann IV is owned and operated by Captain Rich and his wife Nancy Ann. The couple’s son Rick has followed in his dad’s footsteps as a captain, running night bass trips as well as filling in for dad on days dad doesn’t run the boat. The boat is U.S.C.G. licensed and inspected annually, certified for 34 passengers, however Rich limits the boat to a lot less passengers depending on the type of fishing to allow for plenty of fishing space and comfort. Although blackfish are his favorite target, the veteran captain has an enviable reputation when it comes to catching other species like fluke, scup, black sea bass, blues and especially striped bass. Speaking of black sea bass, the captain feels New York’s regulations on this abundant species are far too stringent. Most New York captains share his frustration since our neighbor states of New Jersey, Connecticut and Rhode Island have far more liberal regulations, while New York anglers get shafted. Given the health of the fishery, he feels there is no reason why we shouldn’t have a spring season. Although the Nancy Ann IV is primarily running as a charter boat, Rich sails open boat trips by “reservation only” when he has a cancellation, or isn’t booked.
nancyanncharters.com • 631-477-2337


Capt. Dave BrennanPeconic Star Express: Third St. Greenport: Forty years ago, Captain Dave Brennan said he had to decide whether to join the horde of discount operations or put together a unique, first-class operation. During those 40 years, those discounters have come and gone, leaving many scars among open boat patrons in their wake. Meanwhile, thanks to a very discerning fishing public, Capt. Dave watched his business grow from a 63-foot workhorse to the present 85-foot, 150-passenger, high-speed super-cruiser the Peconic Star Express. The captain credits his professional and courteous crew along with first-class fishing, first-class service, and a first-class boat that the people wanted. Fully equipped with the latest electronics, a huge sundeck and personal comforts, the vessel lives up to its name. The powerful Caterpillar engines make the Express one of the fastest fishing vessels in the entire Northeast. This allows long distance runs to the south side of Montauk, Block Island, Connecticut and Rhode Island, which are easily within reach. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice with kids or a master of the game, the crew ensures that everyone enjoys their trip, including families. So, bring the kids and mom along, it’s always fun and a big thrill for them. Don’t forget the camera, and if you don’t fish, come along for a delightful ride on the North Fork’s beautiful waterways.
peconicstarboats.com • 631-875-2631


Capt. Mike BoccioPrimetime III: Orient by the Sea, Orient Point: Creating a highly specialized boutique open boat and sport fishing charter venue, Capt. Mike Boccio and his wife Jenny run the quintessential mom and pop business. Highly successful in organizing professional fishing trips for over 30 years, Mike, Jenny and their crew provide customers with friendly, informative and fun fishing adventures off beautiful Orient Point. The Primetime III trips navigate the waters of Long Island Sound, from Plum Gut and the Race to Block Island Sound, Gardiner’s Bay, Peconic Bay and the Atlantic Ocean fishing for fluke and porgies during the spring and summer as well as stripers and blues, while the fall trips include black sea bass and Capt. Mike’s favorite and specialty; blackfish. The superfast Jenglo specializes in offshore fishing in areas southeast of Block Island, Coxes Ledge and rarely fished deep water wrecks. These trips target cod, red hake, jumbo scup and monster sea bass. Both the Primetime III and the Jenglo are available for charter. Capt. Mike runs several special trips throughout the late summer and fall and your best source of knowing when is by calling the captain and Jenny, or by staying tuned to the weekly North Fork report right here in The Fisherman.
primetime3.com • 631-323-2618


Capt. John ShinnecockShinnecock Star: Oakland Marina, Hampton Bays: During the late ‘70s and early ‘80s Capt. John Capuano was employed at Good Ground Hardware store in Southampton where at the time, John ran the small tackle shop inside the store and at the same time, he started running charters aboard his 19-foot Mako for customers from the tackle shop. As years passed, Capt. John kept upgrading and in 2000, he purchased the current 47-foot Shinnecock Star where up to 24 passengers can enjoy fishing in the pristine waters of Shinnecock Bay and ocean. Since Shinnecock Bay consists mainly of shallow water, Capt. John has made “skinny water fluking” a specialty and his favorite. The Shinnecock Star can get into water as shallow as 3 feet. Combine that with the fact that the water can be crystal clear at high tide and you’re in for some real excitement. “There’s something different about watching a 10-pound fluke take your bait in 4 feet of water than catching one in 50 feet of ocean water,” explained Capt. John.  “When you see the fish following your bait and reacting to you, sometimes you have to close your eyes because you don’t know what to do. That fish is going to be green too. Besides, skinny water fluke put up a great fight,” said John. Aside from bay fishing, the boat will spend time fishing the ocean targeting fluke, sea bass and triggerfish. In fact, August produces exceptional triggerfish action as well as sea bass and fluke. The late fall and early winter trips consist of local blackfish and offshore cod and giant sea bass trips weather permitting. Lastly, Tuesday’s are “Stay in the Bay Day” and all trips require reservations.
shinnecockstar.com • 631-728-4563


Capt. Paul ForsbergViking Fleet: Viking Dock Montauk: In 1936, Captain Carl Forsberg founded the Viking Fleet in Freeport, New York. At the age of 12, Capt. Carl’s son Paul G Forsberg was a mate on his father’s Freeport Viking boats.  In 1951, the Forsberg’s relocated the business and the family to Montauk. In 1957, at the age of 18, Paul received his 100-Ton Captains License. The rest is history as today, the Viking Fleet is a year-round operation, consisting of three-open fishing boats, one highspeed ferry, one commercial fishing vessel, one cruise vessel and the Viking Fivestar available for private charter and offshore open trips.

“We are the largest, privately owned fishing fleet on the Northeast coast” said Capt. Paul. “The fleet is owned and operated by myself and my son, Steven Sr.” the captain went on to say. Two of Paul’s grandsons (Carl and Steven Jr.) have both earned their 100-Ton Captains Licenses and operate the Viking boats. Currently, the Viking Fleet operates fishing boats out of Montauk, Tarpon Springs, Florida and New Bedford, Massachusetts. The family of captain’s first love is cod fishing, however, bottom fishing runs a close second. With that said, Capt. Paul would like to see a change in sea bass regulations that put New York anglers and captains at a disadvantage to neighboring states. In fact, the captain continues to fight tirelessly for the rights of recreational fishermen everywhere.
www.vikingfleet.com • 631-668-5700



Capt. Patrick GillenCapt. Gillen: Capt. Patrick Gillen notes that there’s been a Gillen running a boat at Captree for more than 60 years. Capt. Patrick is proud to be following in the footsteps of his parents, Vera and Capt. Jim Gillen, and carrying on the Gillen tradition of family friendly fishing trips. As seasons change so does the fishing. Capt. Patrick really does not have a favorite species, but rather a time slot favorite. According to Capt. Patrick, the 6 a.m. trips are his favorite, and what they are targeting becomes the favorite species for the day. Changes in fisheries regulations affect everyone in the industry, and Capt. Patrick feels that the size and season limits on certain fish can be overly restrictive and frustrating, but they do their best to offer the best trips possible to anglers while following the regulations. For this year, although there are no special fishing trips added – besides the 21 trips they run weekly – the boat will be offering bay cruises from 8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Friday through Sunday, from Father’s Day through Labor Day. The Captain Gillen is located between the restaurant and Captree Bait and Tackle.
www.captreefishing.comhttps://www.facebook.com/CaptainGillen/ • 631-586-5511


Capt. George BartenbackCapt. Rod: Capt. George Bartenback is a third generation party boat captain, and has been doing this for 40 plus years. His specialty these days is targeting fluke inside Great South Bay. Capt. George has always been known for his full-day trips targeting fluke and flounder throughout the Bay. The captain feels the tightening of regulations has had a huge impact on the industry. It all began years ago with flounder, and more recently the regulations on sea bass, which have put New York boats and anglers at a disadvantage to New Jersey, CT and RI boats. But, as George said, “We always play by the rules, with smaller bag and bigger size limits, and still, never get rewarded. Regulations really make it tough on us.” There are no special trips slated, but he never rules anything out as the season progresses. The “Capt. Rod” is located at Captree Boat Basin on the right side of dock near the restaurant.
www.captrod.comhttps://www.facebook.com/Capt-Rod-Fishing-Captree-477011242466868/ • 631-587-7316

Capt. Walter CzejakFishfinder II: Capt. Walter Czekaj began his career as a captain in 1996 when he obtained his license while working with Capt. Al. In 2002, he started his own business and has been at it for 16 plus years. Without a doubt, striped bass are his specialty, with fluke next in line. On the bass front, Capt. Walter has carved a niche in the industry with his late night live eel trips, targeting the big fish in the bay. On the industry front, Capt. Walter is frustrated by regulations based on poor data that result in far too restrictive bag, size and season limits based on knee jerk reactions. He points to sea bass as a case in point. Although there are no definitive plans for special trips as of this writing, depending on the ocean fluke bite or other specialty type fish, he may add some special trips as the year progresses. The “Fishfinder II” is located inside Captree Boat Basin, directly in front of the restaurant.
www.captreefishfinder.comhttps://www.facebook.com/CaptreeFishfinder/ • 516-287-3704


Capt. Bryan SoriceIsland Princess: Capt. Bryan Sorice began his career with Capt. Nick Manzari 30 years ago, taking the helm, and sharing the workload for 20 years. In 2016, Capt. Nick decided it was time for Bryan to take over ownership of the “Island Princess.” Today, Capt. Bryan is carrying on in the footsteps of Nick offering a family friendly fishing operation daily. Some captains love stripers, big fluke or the wreck option. Not that Capt. Bryan does not like these options, but give him a light tackle outfit in the back-bay, and he will chase down blues in the 2- to 5-pound class all day long. This is a fun, family oriented trip that puts smiles on all aboard. There have been a lot of changes to the industry, but the one that really stands out in Bryan’s eyes is the advanced technology available. Fishfinders, GPS and radar have come so far, finding wrecks or navigation has become a lot easier. There are no special trips planned this year, but like most captains, the option is always there should a species or trip pique the captain’s interest. The boat is located in the center of the dock at Captree, just east of the restaurant.
www.islandprincesscaptree.comhttps://www.facebook.com/IslandPrincessCaptree/ • 631-587-6024


Capt. Joe VanderveltJib VI: Capt. Joe Vanderveldt began his career in 1983 as the captain of the Jib Fleet. And today, 36 years later, he is still at the helm putting his customers onto fish daily. Capt. Joe loves the fluke action in the bay and ocean, but if he had a choice it would be wreck and bay action for blackfish. On a personal note, Joe loves fishing the mainland canals for weakfish with live bait. This is something he started as a kid, and continues to pursue to this day. Changes in fisheries management and the resulting regulations have had a decided impact on the party boat industry. Regulations resulting in closed seasons or that severely limit the time they can target a species often means more time tied to the dock, which hurts the bottom line. Beginning with the opening of sea bass season on June 23, the boat will be sailing special trips targeting fluke and sea bass in the ocean on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. The boat is located at Captree State Park, close to center, just west of the restaurant.
www.jib6captreefishing.comhttps://www.facebook.com/JIBVI?fref=ts • 516-578-1158


Capt. Neil DelanoyLaura Lee: Captain Neil Delanoy has been running the boat for 37 years. Starting back in 1974, docked in Bay Shore, the first boats were the Lady Ann and Casey Lee, then the Laura Lee and now adding the new fast Laura Lee Express, which is now berthed at Captree State Park.

When I asked Neil what was his favorite species, he replied, it is not so much the species, but rather the type of fishing. In the captain’s eyes, nothing beats wreck fishing for the likes of cod, sea bass, ling, pollock, haddock and scup. Changes in fishery management have occurred that have had a major impact on some fisheries, but the one change that really stands out in Captain Neil’s mind is the effort made to increase the sea bass stocks. Right now, the ocean is paved with sea bass, making for an exciting, and reliable fishery when the season is open. For this coming year, although no definitive dates have been set, the Laura Lee Express will offer special wreck trips throughout the year. The Laura Lee Fleet is located on the west side of Captree State Park.
www.captree.com • https://www.facebook.com/Laura-Lee-Fleet-316627100475/ • 631-661-1867


WEST END By Geoff Lawrence

Capt. Mike DannonCapt. Lou Fleet: Capt. Mike Danon worked as a mate for the original Capt. Lou owner, Capt. Lou DiBlasio, and then introduced anglers to his own Capt. Lou II in 1978. Now sitting majestically at the docks along the Nautical Mile in Freeport are the Starstream VIII, the Capt. Lou VII and the newest addition, the Atlantic Pearl. The Starstream with Capt. Willie Garris runs half-day fluke trips, while Capt. Anthony Gillespie will take the Lou out to target sea bass and 3/4-day fluke. The Pearl serves as the “Battleship” for special offshore excursions for tilefish, tuna, cod and sea bass. The boats are also available for private charters. Mike’s favorite fishing is for tuna because he loves the thrill of the fight. As far as regulations go, Mike stated that they have both helped and hurt the industry, and that there is a lot of room for improvement based on the health of some fisheries like sea bass.
www.captloufleet.com • 516-623-5823


Capt. Al: Over the years Capt. Al Lindroth’s Point Lookout based Capt. Al has developed a reputation for putting bottom bouncers into the meat for porgies, sea bass, ling, blackfish, cod and occasionally fluke. The boat was originally docked in Freeport in 1965 but moved to its current location in 1985. It has searched west end waters for a variety of species for 34 years and currently Capt. Tom Weiss is at the helm. He personally likes to connect with sea bass because they are easy to catch, and the people love to eat them. Tom’s main concern about present regulations is the way they are structured, taking pressure off one species, but placing more fishing pressure on another. Sea bass, ling and porgies are the primary targets for the summer with a sprinkling of summer flatties mixed in. The boat is berthed at Point Lookout Marina.
https://www.facebook.com/The-Captain-Al-167971516830/ • 516-361-9275


Super HawkSuper Hawk: Capt. Steve Kearney’s Super Hawk has been berthed in Point Lookout Marina since April of 1987. Steve developed his skills under the tutelage of such legends as Capt. Al Lindroth of the Capt. Al and Capt. Dennis Kanyuk of the Princess Marie. In the spring, summer and early fall he concentrates his efforts on fluke and sea bass on half-day trips. Then he sails on full day excursions and heads to the offshore wrecks and pieces for cod, pollock, ling, sea bass and jumbo porgies. Steve stated that they specialize in working with families and beginners to make sure that sailing with them is a fun experience. Mates Mike, Pete and Chris work with Capt. Steve to keep things flowing smoothly. In Steve’s opinion, all species need some form of regulation. However, as they stand now, they are unfair to all sections of the industry. He feels that NY anglers have been placed on an uneven playing field and the system needs an overhaul.
www.superhawkfishing.com • 516-607-3004


Capt DaveCapt. Dave III: Capt. Dave Paris of the Capt. Dave III on Emmons Ave in Sheepshead Bay is one of the few “old timers” from the good old days that is still in business. He has been sailing for 59 years and depending on the time of year takes his customers out for fluke, porgies, sea bass, blackfish, cod, striped bass and even tuna. The captain’s son Paul is also a licensed captain. The boat sails daily on full day runs and has evening trips seven days a week. Dave enjoys targeting ‘tog due to their fighting power and because they are the closest fish to a grouper (one of his favorite southern species) that we have in New York waters. Every year the Capt. Dave runs Special Marathon trips as well as Offshore Specials for cod and sea bass.
www.captdaveonline.com • 917-251-2628


Lady FlamingoLady Flamingo: Capt. Bob Weigand of the Lady Flamingo on Knapp Street near Sheepshead Bay grew up in a fishing business that was started by his grandfather John Weigand, and later on run by his father Capt. Walter Weigand. Walt has retired and Bob is at the helm. The captain’s son Rob serves as first mate. Bob has earned the reputation as the captain who will have you “singing the blues.” Capt. Bob specializes in jigging for blues and bass and it has become his trademark. Every day he is prepared to search the waters of Jamaica Bay, the channel, the inlet, the beaches, Sandy Hook, Raritan Bay and sometimes beyond to put his fares into what will hopefully be hordes of blues and/or bass. Bring a medium to medium/heavy rod, a reel spooled with 30-pound line, 1- to 6-ounce silver or gold jigs with or without tubes and get ready for a fight. The by-catch on these jigging runs have included black drum, Spanish mackerel, amberjack and weakfish.    www.flamingo3.com • 718-763-8745


Gypsea StarGypsea Star:  Capt. Josh Pisano and his wife Jess, along with longtime friend Capt. Jared, own and operate the Gypsea Star located at 7246 Thursby Ave. in Far Rockaway. Josh and Jess are the “new kids on the block” as they have only been in the party boat business for two years. However, they have a combined total of over 20 years of experience working on the water. They consider Jamaica Bay and the surrounding waters their playground, and they are making trips for fluke, porgies, sea bass, blackfish, bass and blues. Some Marathon Fluke trips will be scheduled starting in July. In the fall, they have plans for special excursions to the offshore bottom grounds that are 20 to 30 miles out. While Josh loves the challenge of doing a smackdown on a bulldog ‘tog, Jess likes to connect with jumbo fluke. Capt. Jared prefers to arm wrestle cow stripers. The boat’s official on board Mascots are their dogs Tyrone and Sasha. All trips on the Gypsea Star are open boat by reservation.
www.fishgypseany.com • 516-659-3814


Capt. Mike ArdolinoHunter: It seems only natural that Capt. Mike Ardolino of the Hunter on Emmons Ave in Sheepshead Bay would become the owner/operator of his own boat. After all, it’s in his blood. His family owned and operated the party boat the Amberjack during the glory days of Sheepshead Bay, and his uncle was Bob Sapanaro of the Brooklyn VI. Mike has been licensed for 17 years. During the summer he will focus on full day fluke trips and occasionally target other species on the same trip. All trips on the boat are strictly open by reservation only and there is a strict 20-passenger limit for fluke, and a 15-passenger limit for striped bass trips. Mike also has plans for runs that will target offshore tuna and tile, and Offshore Wreck Specials for cod and sea bass. Reservations can be made online at www.hunterfishingnyc.com • 917-331-2671


NORTH SHORE By Geoff Lawrence

RiptideRiptide III: Capt. Carl Nadsen of the Riptide III in City Island started out as a deckhand for Capt. Pete Anderson of the North Star in City Island. He began his own career on the water as a charter captain and then placed himself at the helm of a party boat in 1986.

In the spring, summer and early fall he pursues porgies and sea bass for his customers and then switches over to blackfishing as the waters cool down and the porgy bite slows. The captain’s favorite species is sea bass, especially in the late summer and fall when he can target the 100-foot plus deep water wrecks for the big knot heads. Carl is assisted by Capt. Matt and first mate P.J. The boat is located off the first left turn after the City Island Bridge.
www.riptide3.com • 718-885-0236

ShamrockShamrock: Capt. Pat of the 56-foot twin diesel Shamrock located at the Fort Slocum Dock in New Rochelle took over the operation from his father in 1990, which gives him almost 30 years of experience behind the wheel. Open boat trips run from 5 to 9 pm, and the captain sails for bass, blues, fluke, blackfish, porgies and sea bass depending on which species is providing the best action. The boat is also available for private charters. The captain’s favorite species to target is bluefish because of the excitement created by their hard runs when hooked. He is concerned about the regulations that have been imposed over the last several years, especially the length of the closed seasons. However, that has not dampened his enthusiasm. He said it’s been fun being a captain and meeting all kinds of people who share his love of the outdoors and being on the water.
www.shamrockcharterboat.com • 914-235-0677


Capt. Desi O’SullivanCeltic Quest Fleet: Capt. Desi O’Sullivan began taking passengers fishing out of a dock in Mt. Sinai and then moved his operation to its current home at 118 West Broadway in Port Jefferson. The fleet consists of the Celtic Quest and Celtic Grace and primarily targets porgies, sea bass and fluke, and will go after blues and bass as a by-catch when the opportunity presents itself.  Their sailing schedule includes the famous “Vampire Porgy” runs in the early evening as well as Special Extended East End Combo Sea Bass/Fluke trips that head to the 20-mile plus wrecks. The fleet also has a Fishing Fun Camp for fourth to eighth graders that sails twice a week during the summer. The captain’s personal favorite species is ‘tog. He said it takes skill to hook up, they provide a great fight and are a challenge to land. To keep things going smoothly Capt. Desi relies on Captains Chris Kadlec, Mark DeJong, Jared Perillo, Jon Bowen and Paul Risi.
www.celticquestfishing.com • 631- 928-3926


Capt. James “Jimmy” Schneider James Joseph II: Capt. James “Jimmy” Schneider of the James Joseph II has been sailing from his dock at 84 New York Ave in Huntington for 33 years. He sails for a variety of species including scup, blackfish, sea bass, fluke, blues and bass. His early years working in the maritime industry helped him pay for college and his “ice time” to play hockey. The captain purchased his first boat at age 25. Jimmy enjoys bucktailing for summer flatties using very light tackle because as far as excitement in bringing in a fish, it provides the best bang for the buck. He feels fishing regulations are necessary, but they should not be so restrictive that they take away a person’s enjoyment of being on the water, catching their dinner, and then going home to share that dinner with their families. The boat has evening trips from 4:30 to 8:30 p.m. that are currently going for fluke but will switch over to blues and bass when they appear in good numbers.
www.jamesjosephfishing.com • 631-651-8235




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