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Product Profile: Accurate Tern TwinStarDrag

Accurate Tern TwinStarDrag

The Tactically Exploited Reconnaissance Node or TERN is one of our U.S. military’s most technologically advanced drones.  Having been in the precision aerospace business for close to 70 years, the folks at Accurate have named many of their American-made reels after formidable military craft like the Valiant, Fury and Dauntless; the name Tern was a perfect fit for their first-ever star drag reel.

“It’s space age, it’s brand new, it’s technology that no one has ever had,” said Accurate Reel’s Justin Poe.  Last season the California-based reel manufacturer and space-age metal engineers incorporated a twin-drag into the new Accurate Tern, with an eight-piece drag stack on the inside and outside of the main gear.  A first for Accurate, the Tern features a patent-pending TwinStarDrag that boasts one washer on each side of the gear with friction plates instead of a stack of washers on just the one.  The result is a smaller reel with plenty of power.

“It pulls the reel into free spool with the lever and pushes it into gear, so some of that rattling you get with a fish really taking the line, and you have a hard time getting in gear by giving a little slack, you’re not going to have that,” Poe said of the Tern, which like all Accurate reels is made from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum with 17-4 heat-treated steel gears and gear shaft with a billet aluminum power knob.

“It’s old-school comfort and convenience, set it and forget it,” said Sean Loy, Accurate’s East Coast sales rep of the star drag popularity.  “There’s less error, you’re either engaged or you’re in free spool, which is especially popular with guys who fish deep or on the bottom.”

The Accurate Tern is incredibly lightweight yet strong enough to tackle hard-fighting Atlantic Coast fish, with the TwinStarDrag allowing you to confidently control drag pressure during the fight.  It’s available in three different sizes – 300, 400 and 500 models – with either 6:1 or the more powerful 4.7:1, starting at $299.95.  Larger sizes are currently in the works.

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