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Build a Better Teaser

The key is a teaser that imitates the forage, in this case a sand eel, and is strong enough to hold a big fish.

“Will teasers take big fish, or are they just magnets for school bass?” With the large numbers of small bass falling to teasers this past fall, many newcomers to the surf game are probably thinking these small offerings are very effective on small fish, but wondering if big stripers find them appealing. The obvious answer to that came way back on November 3, 1983 when Cape Cod sharpie Tony Stetzko beached a 73-pounder that passed up a live eel for the black feather teaser rigged ahead of it. The key is a teaser that imitates the forage, in this case a sand eel, and is strong enough to hold a big fish. The following teaser meets both criteria.

Step 1 to build a better teaser1

Start by clamping a 2/0 Mustad C685 short shank tarpon hook in the vise. Beginning at the eye of the hook, wrap entire shank with white 6/0 weighted thread, ending at the bend of the hook.


Step 2 to build a better teaser2

Place a 4-inch white saddle hackle on the rear of the hook shank and wrap securely. The softer the end of the hackle, the better, as the tail will have more movement.


Step 3 to build a better teaser3

Take one sparse pinch of 4-inch long white bucktail, no need to end stack, and wrap about 1/4-inch in from hook eye. Secure with two half hitches and cut white thread.


Step 4 to build a better teaser4

Now switch to dark green 6/0 waxed thread and secure hook on top of white thread. Pick a generous pinch of green Krystal Flash fibers about the total length of the fly and tie on over white thread. Add a few long lengths of silver Krystal Flash to both sides and continue building up the head to desired size. Finish with two half hitches.


Step 5 to build a better teaser5

Mix 5-minute epoxy cement for the head and add stick-on eyes. The finished product sporting the all-important wet look.






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