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Changing the Mood of Jigs

2017 10 Changing Mood Jigs

As a former charter boat mate, we used to go through a lot of jigs, especially when employing bucktail jigs on three-way rigs when fishing ripsfor stripers. While the captains did their best to have all of the most popular colored jigs on hand, there were times when we were in short supply or completely out of the hottest color at that time. Rather than compromise with an off color, most skippers carried a draw of powder jig paints in a variety of colors that would eventually become the hot color for a few days. They also kept an ample supply of unpainted bucktail jigs and plain jigheads (for soft plastics), where a little heat from a cigarette lighter and a dip in the jar of the powder kept us on the bite with the rest of the fleet.


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2017 12 Make Your Own Boot Top

Make Your Own Boot Remover

Slipping out of a pair of boot foot waders is not always as easy as it should be, especially if the boot foot is a little on the tight side.

2017 11 Juice It Up

Juice It Up!

Scents are a product that I firmly believe in, especially when employing the liquid on artificial lures for fluke and sea bass.