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Juice It Up!

2017 11 Juice It Up

Scents are a product that I firmly believe in, especially when employing the liquid on artificial lures for fluke and sea bass. Most anglers will agree that Berkley’s line of scents are remarkably effective on most inshore species of the Northeast. While Gulp plastics such as the Swimming Mullet have been replacing the standard practice of adding a strip of squid or spearing as an enticer to a bucktail and teaser, I prefer to fish a bucktail jig and teaser bare naked when fluke or sea bass are the intended targets. Dipping the hairs into a canister of Gulp Recharge, or spraying on some Gulp Alive Attractant can double the effectiveness of your jig, lure or teaser. Some anglers will even store strip baits like pork rind, Fat Cow and Otter Tails in containers of the juice.

Pro-Cure also makes a very effective line of scents. Their Super Gel formula can be squirted or rubbed on, and adheres well to hard baits, soft plastics and bucktails. It is available in Menhaden, Mullet, Sardine, Shrimp, Herring, Squid, and Sand Flea. While the scents certainly serve as an attractant, they also inspire aggressive strikes.


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