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Christmas Past, Present And Future

The author and her nephews enjoying a nice day on the water fishing.
The author and her nephews enjoying a nice day on the water fishing.

I may be not be child anymore but part of me still won’t grow up. As a kid I made lists for Santa Claus and as an adult, I still do. My birthday and Christmas fall in the same month and as a child I always hated getting a gift as a twofer. As an adult I’ve completely changed my thinking.

In an effort to avoid another ‘useful’ gift from my thoughtful family, I decided I would speak up. I started making lists and shooting off messages as things came to mind. The comments to my request are pretty amusing especially when I asked for a Bentley. This year my Christmas list is going to be a real doozy especially because of lists past.

My list of Christmas past have been filled with designer bags, luxury apparel, fancy wine and the like.  One year I furnished my new gym with boxing gear, weights and machines. I didn’t use it much. I tend to put in a few practical items and a few obscene items. Last year my sweet nephews bought me dish towels and a coffee mug I use all the time. I no longer live in a large home and I try to be very deliberate with my list. I am blessed and grateful for all I have but I can’t stomach another item that will sit in my closet for use a couple times a year. It’s Christmas and it’s supposed to be something that makes you happy like a kid.

What makes me happy at this point in life is fishing. As I embark on this newfound joy, there’s so much that I still need and want. So much I no longer have a desire for. I started my Christmas list and realized that my family might think it’s a joke. I think they are trying to figure out who I am right now. Well family, this is not a drill. The first item on my list are boots. It’s not the first time I put boots on my list but I can tell you they definitely weren’t fishing boots.

Christmas Past Present Future Xmas 2019This year‘s list has my 10 items:

  1. Cute fishing boots 12”
  2. 10’ surf rod and reel
  3. Small hard cooler for all the fish I catch
  4. Filet knife with cover
  5. Wool base layer bottom
  6. Polarized sunglasses
  7. Gulp- every kind
  8. Fishing bib
  9. Fly fishing rod and reel
  10. A fishing boat

I know I put fishing boat on there, but I’m still waiting for the Bentley and I have a feeling Santa won’t be bringing that anytime soon. I just changed my list not who I am. I just keep hoping Santa will win the lottery and feel generous. I have been a good girl this year I think.

I have made it a habit to buy myself one big splurge every year, throw a birthday bash and a Christmas party. I make sure Santa comes so I can give him my list. Last year was a Chanel caviar bag and a night out at a hot steakhouse. This year will be a custom rod, a day of fishing and wearing a Santa suit on the surf.  My how things change when you find something that really makes you happy.

I’m sure the list for Christmas future will be much more elaborate with my fishing wants. I have a feeling the boat will be on that list forever. What is on your Christmas list?



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