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Hot Spot: December On The Farm

Within a short distance of the Block Island Windmills the author jigged up this unique- colored sea bass.

As winter descends upon the coastal landscape, many anglers hang up their rods and reels, believing that fishing opportunities have dropped off with the dropping temperatures. However, for those in the know, December around Block Island Windmills is a secret gem, offering a unique and rewarding fishing experience. The colder months bring a distinct charm to the area, with fewer crowds and a chance to catch some impressive fish against the backdrop of these towering structures.

The Block Island Wind Farm, located just south of Block Island and an easy southward steam from Point Judith, consists of five massive wind turbines that harness the power of the Atlantic winds. This renewable energy project has also unintentionally created an ideal habitat for various marine species.

While summer may be the go-to season for fishing enthusiasts making the steam for this hot spot, December provides its own set of advantages. The waters around Block Island are less crowded, offering a serene and peaceful experience for those willing to brave the winter chill. Moreover, the colder temperatures drive many species closer to the shoreline, providing ample opportunities for anglers to target prized catches.

The four structures are within a short distance from Block’s shoreline. Photo courtesy of Navionics.

December is an excellent time to target tautog in this zone. The rocky structures near the windmills create an ideal environment for them, offering ample hiding spots and feeding opportunities. Normally, I would start out with green crabs here, but whites have proven their worth when trying to get some bigger tog to come out and play. Try Snafu rigging a whole bait and cracking the shell to attract the biggest of the bunch. One other option is hermit crabs, but they are expensive and have been known to make blackfish picky about any other type of bait when they get a taste for them. Codfish also join the party near the structures and will happily chow down on baits intended for tog. You will not find any jumbos here, but market-sized fish up to about 15 pounds are not out of the question. Sea bass is another player in this arena and will happily take a crab, clam, or even a jig worked close to the bottom. An array of different diamond, epoxy, and slow-pitch jigs will all gain the attention of aggressive sea bass.

A few of the Pont Jude charter and party boats will be staying in the water throughout the month to focus on fishing the area and are the best choice if you are planning on trying the spot out. These captains know the area quite well, and the larger boats are more capable of handling the fickle December weather in the event that the wind kicks up. Keep an eye on The Fisherman Magazine’s report section this month to get an idea of who’s still making the run.

Fishing around the Block Island Windmills in December offers a unique and rewarding experience for those willing to embrace the winter chill. With fewer crowds, ample opportunities for prized catches, and the picturesque backdrop of the wind turbines, it’s a season that dedicated anglers shouldn’t overlook. So, bundle up, grab your gear, and discover the winter wonders of fishing in this iconic location.



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