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Hot Spot: Noyack Bay


Nestled between the North Haven Peninsula and Jessup Neck, Noyack Bay’s pristine body of water provides plenty of fish catching opportunities starting when the dogwoods begin blooming, lasting until the oak leaves start falling. Last May witnessed some absolutely incredible weakfish catches that lasted well into June, before the smaller summer weakfish moved in, providing solid fishing with the summer weakfish through October. In actuality, the past few seasons have seen incredible catches of weakfish beginning in mid-May. Catching and releasing two or three dozen weakfish per person in the 4 to 8-pound range was expected and didn’t raise an eyebrow.

Noyack Bay is made up primarily of mud in 25 to 30 feet of water. While most fish species will elude the muddy grounds, weakfish find it appealing, which makes this bay a prime target in the spring and summer. And while the entire bay holds strong potential for the weakies, the 55-foot hole just north and south of buoy 16 is where the primary playground is. Aside from weakfish, you have quite a variety of jumbo porgies chewing down on squid and clam strips during May and June. Bluefish and even some big stripers are frequent visitors during the same period.

The porgies that fill into Noyack Bay during the spring months are notoriously know as bait stealers. While baits such as clam and squid get hits and work excellent, they can be picked clean off the hook on the first bite as times. Try using cut up pieces of Fishsbites E-Z Baits in flavors such as clam or squid for added durability when the bites are vicious. A single piece can last you over 10 fish at times!Fishbites

During the summer and into the fall, kingfish, blowfish, summer weakfish, snapper blues, bay porgies, and even some quality sea bass make up a quality smorgasbord for both anglers anchoring and chumming with frozen clam logs anywhere along the drop-off or for those who prefer drifting. The moderate current here allows 3-ounce sinkers and 1-ounce jigheads to get the job done under most conditions.

If for some reason, you find life with lockjaw at the buoy 16 area, whenever the current begins to ease, you may want to pick up and head on west, over to buoy 17at, the tip of Jessup Neck, and try fishing the 70-foot depths located around the buoy. You’ll find good mixed bag action here as well, but the strong currents limit the best opportunities to an hour before and after slack water periods. Be advised that sea robins can at times be an issue in this area if you happen to land on a nest of birds. There are also some hefty-sized sea bass that reside here during the spring and summer months. Jigging diamond jigs here will certainly keep you wondering as a slew of species will fall for the shiny metal. A 2-ounce diamond jig is best jigged right along the bottom, preferably with a hammer finish.

This season try to fish Noyack Bay as soon as mid-May to experience some of the best weakfish action you’ll find anywhere at any time. If you don’t, fret not as the summer and early fall provide plenty of first-class action as well.



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