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Montauk Surfmasters Final Results

The results are in for the 2022 Montauk Surfmasters Fall surfcasting tournament. Brendon Sausele narrowly held on with his first placed fish of 34 pounds featured on the cover digital cover of issue number 33, while John Bruno came in a close second with a 33 pounder. Bill Schulken took third place with his 28 pound-bass. Wes O’Donnell also took first place in the wader division with an 18.2-pounder caught on November 21st. It was an early run the first week of October with many fish in the teens to mid-20 pound class, and all three top fish were caught within the same week. There were high hopes for some larger fishing showing later in the season, but this is another year where they just did not show in numbers in the Montauk surf. Some of THE Surfmasters had a few fantastic nights with quality fish, while others were casting into empty water, all depending on your spots on certain nights. The bottom line was all competitors worked hard throughout the fall  to try and catch a winning fish.