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New Light On The 59-Pounder

Bill Hoffman (left), whose dad ran the Seahorse out of Lindenhurst and Mate, Jimmy Mahaney (right) proudly display the behemoth cod caught that famed day after Capt. Al Lindroth anchored up on the “new” 59-Pounder wreck.

In last month’s Hot Spot of the Month I covered the 59-Pounder wreck off Fire Island. I had covered this wreck in my book, “Fishing the Long Island Coast, many years ago and felt it would be good to revisit the hot spot due to winter fishing and cod fishing on the rise. After the article was published I received a call from William Lindroth, Capt. Al Lindroth’s son. Capt. Al was a well-known wreck captain for many years, plying his trade to put fares into unbelievable trips for cod, ling, sea bass and many more species, fishing the South Shore wrecks. In the article, I mentioned the wreck was found by Capt. Jay Porter, which was incorrect. The wreck was actually found in the 60’s by Capt. Al Lindroth.

On that day, Capt. Al had been traversing from the 3 Fares Wreck to the Yankee when he stumbled on a rise off the bottom. He immediately turned the boat back and located the wreck. As Capt. Al was knowledgeable about wreck fishing, he knew any “new” piece could surely hold fish. After anchoring up on this new piece, Jimmie Mahaney drilled a monster cod of 59 pounds—hence the name of this new wreck, discovered by Capt. Al Lindroth, received its name.

For years this wreck was an unknown one fished by only a handful of anglers. It is small, but well worth a drop when in the area. I have also reached out to Captain Segull Nautical Fishing Charts and they will be adding this wreck to their charts.