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Okuma ALC Mag Surf Reel

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The ALC Mag Surf Reel by Okuma delivers exceptional distance in a reel an angler can easily cast for extended periods of time in the surf and it’s delivered at an affordable price. Built with a machined aluminum frame that prevents flex to provide a precise environment for the bearings and spool to operate within, it is a precision distance casting machine. Any flex on a frame, any contact of spool rims, negatively affects casting distance and that is all but eliminated in this reel. The frame design tapers wide off the spool rim, and the cross bars are set low on the rear of the reel and far-forward on the front. This design allows the caster to feather the spool throughout the cast and provides great access in instances of “professional overruns.”

The side plates of the ALC Mag Surf Reel are constructed of Okuma long-strand carbon fiber, which delivers exacting tolerances with great strength, minimal weight and zero corrosion. Internal components include two corrosion-resistant ball bearings, one roller bearing and an externally adjustable magnetic cast control system. The gear ratio of 6.2:1 picks up 28.2 inches of line per turn of the handle, a perfect all-around speed for working lures or gaining line on a big bass as it heads towards shore.

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The spool lever, drag star and handle arm are all constructed from aluminum for corrosion-resistance and superior durability in tough shoreline environments. A multi-disc Carbonite drag system churns out 16.5 pounds of maximum drag pressure, more than enough for even the strongest of inshore gamefish regularly found prowling the surf.

The ALC Mag Sure Reel is available in a single non-levelwind model, the ALC-20CS. The reel holds 230 yards of 15-pound mono or 50-pound braid. Once again, more than enough for most of the usual surf fishing scenarios of the Northeast and mid-Atlantic.

The ALC Mag Surf Reel comes with an MSRP of $139.99 and can be found at your local certified Okuma dealer. For more information, please visit www.okumafishing.com.



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