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August 2017

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2017 8 Distracted Drifting

Distracted Drifting

The opening day of New Jersey’s 2017 fluke season arrived on a Thursday; that’s a deadline day at The Fisherman, which meant I couldn’t stray far from the laptop.

2017 8 Shinnecock Buoy

Shinnecock Sea Buoy

A mile south of Shinnecock Inlet floats the Shinnecock Sea Buoy.

2017 8 Okuma Alc Mag Surf Reel 2

Okuma ALC Mag Surf Reel

The ALC Mag Surf Reel by Okuma delivers exceptional distance in a reel an angler can easily cast for extended periods of time in the surf and it’s delivered at an affordable price.

2017 8 Striped Bass Francese

Striped Bass Francese

Lemon and fish go together like peanut butter and jelly, and with plenty of stripers coursing through our waters now, what better combination than striped bass francese to satiate the pallet.

2017 8 Kayak Gear Keeper

Kayak Gear Keeper

Kayaks are wonderful craft for fishing but small items like knives, hooks and lures can be easily lost. Neodymium or “rare earth” magnets are an effective and inexpensive solution for this problem.


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