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After working a large spook-style lure for 3-1/2 hours on a guided charter on the north end of Guam behind the Cos Cos Island, Patty was able to hook and land a GT over 25 pounds.
Working a South Shore jetty paid off for Spencer Salner last season when he landed this XL bluefish. In the near future the run of these blues will once again come through the South Shore.
The fall run went into December for Mike Brennan last season. He focused on the West End area towards the end of the year with his friend. On that particular day he said “first on a Mag Darter and the bigger one on a teaser.”
While fishing near the Wantaugh bridges last September, Ross Nasierowski dropped his bucktail/teaser combo to the bottom which resulted in a quick doubleheader; a keeper and a short.
By the end of April, weakfish just like this one Patrick Hughes caught will start coming up again for those looking them in the back bays across Long Island.
Before the season, many anglers like to head south to places like Florida and try their luck out freshwater fishing. That’s exactly what Shaun Mischler did when he fish a pond in his grandfather’s backyard in the Fort Myers area.
Last June, while fishing in the ocean off of the Hamptons, Joe Seymore bucktailed this 36-pound striper. This year, striper regulations will stay status quo with the 28 to 35-inch slot and one fish per person.
While on the Hampton Lady out of Shinnecock last fall, Stephen Burg got into some great togging action fishing ocean wrecks. The spring season tog season runs from April 1st through the end of the month.



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