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Photo Gallery

Giancarlo Baldan, better known as Lurewalker on Instagram, connected with this early season striper in the back of a North Shore Harbor after dark during the month of March.
Joe Maiolo worked a North Shore bay from the shoreline and was able to land this 29-inch striped bass on a Tsunami Holographic Swim Shad right before sunset.
Jamaica Bay saw a nice wave of early season stripers and it was the spot of choice for Wulber to start his season with this tagged striper. The fish was caught on a Joe Baggs Swarter.
Matt Reistetter worked an early season night tide and connected with a number of stripers, including this one. Matt’s Lamiglas GSB surf rod rebuild he used for this fish was also featured in the March issue of The Fisherman Magazine’s rod building series.
Six south shore casters – Joe Schnell, John Scillepi, Anthony Bilello, Jay Howe, PJ Melfi and Nick Arcella work a bay during a spring evening tide. Photo Courtesy of Nick Arcella.


Photo Gallery: Blues Of April

They call the April moon a “Pink Moon” but it sure looks blue to us. 

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Photo Gallery