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Plano Edge Tackle Boxes

PLANO EDGEPlano, a longtime innovator and leader in the manufacture of tackle storage boxes, has taken tackle storage to the next level with their new EDGE series. Ten new products make up the series, which is based on the popular Plano 3600 and 3700 Stowaway design and is their most technologically advanced series yet.

Four of the EDGE series boxes are built for general storage and are available in either standard, thin, or deep box configurations. Six other models are designed specifically for specific storage needs such as terminal tackle, crankbaits, spinnerbaits, blade baits and jigs, and soft plastics. All models feature heavy-duty construction, DuraviewTM crystal-clear lids, stainless-steel hinge pins, oversized single-handed latches and an innovative labeling system.

The new EDGE lineup is designed to protect your tackle against moisture and corrosion. Their Dri-LocTM rubber gaskets create a watertight seal between the lid and base that moisture cannot penetrate, and their exclusive RustrictorTM material is infused into every EDGE box, preventing terminal tackle and lures from corroding. Vented dividers help increase air flow to facilitate the rust-preventative properties of RustrictorTM. Should any water find its way into a box, its Water WickTM dividers quickly absorb it.

Specialized storage boxes feature their own unique features such as the lift out boxes within a box EDGE Terminal Box, and the vertical dividers included in the Jig/Blade Box. The Spinnerbait Box has a center rail for hanging baits so that they dry naturally while not kinking their skirts and the box is deep enough to accommodate larger buzz baits and trailer hooks. The EDGE Plastics/Bulk Utility Box is a large watertight unit that will store more bags of soft plastics than one could ever need. The Crankbait boxes use patent pending silicone “fingers” to protect the lures, hooks, and finishes, and come in a standard and extra large size.

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