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Product Profile: G. Loomis IMX-PRO Blue Series Rods

G. Loomis imx-pro casting rodG. Loomis has a well-deserved reputation for turning out quality rods and I can say that speaking from experience. I’ve been using a discontinued 6-footer (model SJR 722 GL2) from their freshwater bass lineup for the better part of 6 or 7 years and have abused the heck out of it. Designed for freshwater bass, it turned out to be the ideal rod for light tackle snap jigging in saltwater. The same rod has caught stripers to 35 pounds, bluefish into the teens and fluke to 7 or 8 pounds, along with its share of sea bass and scup. It has also stood up to the abuse that snap jigging subjects a rod to.

G. Loomis imx-pro castingNeedless to say, when the G. Loomis folks announced the introduction of a new line of saltwater rods, the IMX-Pro Blue Series, I took notice. The series includes four spinning and six baitcasting high-performance models for inshore and light-duty offshore situations. Featuring G. Loomis’ Multi-Taper Technology which focuses on weight, balance, sensitivity and action, the IMX-PRO Blue rods deliver exceptionally high strength-to-weight ratios with unique actions designed primarily for Northeast saltwater fisheries, according to senior planning manager David Brinkerhoff.


On the casting side, the seven-foot 843C MF makes an ideal fluke rod, while the 845C M has the power to pull big stripers away from line cutting structure like barnacle covered rocks. The seven-foot-two 863C XF is designed to fish swimbaits and smaller jigs, and for those situations where you need lighter line and downsized baits to trigger a bite from bass or weakfish. There are three seven-foot-six-inch IMX-PRO Blue casting rods, including the 903C M, a medium-heavy power rod ideal for slugging it out with big blackfish. The 904C MF is a good all-around rod that can handle ocean fluking or pulling big tog from a wreck. For chunking bunker, live-lining or snagging and dropping, or if you’re looking for extended casting range, check out the 905C M.

G. Loomis imx-pro blue rod frame guideAll four IMX-PRO Blue spinning rods are seven-footers. The 842S XF is the lightest and ideal for tossing swim shads, bucktails and soft plastics. The 843S S is more multi-purpose, light enough to throw swim shads and soft plastics, but it will also allow you to toss topwaters to shoreline structure. If you are looking for more power, the moderate-fast action IMX-PRO 844S MF will handle live bait or allow you to work bigger bucktails for ocean fluke. The 844S F is a light yet powerful rod designed to fish live bait for stripers, blues and even small tuna, or to pitch large plugs to all three species.

All of the rods in the IMX-PRO Blue lineup feature full cork front and rear grips, Fuji reel seats and Fuji’s new durable Fazlite K-Frame guides designed for use with braided line and resist saltwater corrosion. MSRP ranges from $350 $385. All G. Loomis rods are handcrafted in Woodland, Washington USA. For more information, visit, call 800/GLoomis, or stop by your nearest G. Loomis tackle dealer.


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