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Product Review: Fin-Nor Sunglasses

In my mind, there is no more integral component of everyday life, than a good pair of sunglasses. Put me on the water during the day and I would consider my shades among the other staples of life—air, water, food and clothing. This may sound dramatic, but you’ll rarely find me, in any natural setting, without sunglasses on my face or my hat.

Most readers will know Fin-Nor as a company that produces top-of-the-line fishing reels, and rightly so, their reels have stood among the best in the biz for decades. More recently, Fin-Nor has joined the premium polarized sunglasses game and I think you’ll see that they’re in this for the long haul.

First off, their inaugural slate of offerings is comprised of 20 frame styles in a wide array of colors. The frames run the gamut from the center console to an evening on the town, they also offer a few women’s styles. Their seven-layer lenses were designed with a focus on sensory enhancement, they call this their ‘lateral line technology,’ the thought process being that when your eyesight is clear and focused, your other senses will become heighted and honed as a result. Their premium polarized lenses are given seven coats of their Super AR Coating that blocks 99.7% of reflections.


These lenses are comprised of a UV blocking layer, an encapsulated mirror coated layer, PVA polarized film and a layer for color enhancement; these are sandwiched between two pieces of crystal-clear mineral glass. From there they get their seven coats of Super AR to eliminate reflections, and a top and bottom treatment with an oleophobic/hydrophobic topcoat that resists scratching, smudges and spray. The ocean is tough on our gear, but this coating will keep these glasses looking and working like new for a long, long time. The lenses are available in glass and plastic options with colors to cover all inshore and offshore situations, their website has a very good rundown of which lenses make the most sense for the type fishing that you do.

The styles they offer are so diverse, that even the pickiest wearers will find a match. I found these glasses to be very light and comfortable. They cut through the glare on the water, revealing striped bass following my plugs, even in a rain-stained tidal river. In addition, they kept my eyes feeling rested on the road and even made it a little easier to check out that cute soccer mom while waiting at a red light.

Having tested many pairs of sunglasses from other industry leaders, I can tell you that the Fin-Nor line has a place in the market. Their lenses do exactly what they promise and the thing that stood out ahead of it all, again, was just how lightweight they are. Give them a try, today, I doubt you’ll walk out of the shop without them.

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