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Product Review: Frabill Conservation Series Nets

Frabill was just honored at ICAST 2021 in July with a New Product Showcase award for Best Boating Accessory with their Ultralight Conservation Net.  “It’s a rubber coated nylon mesh, and it’s a micro-mesh, no knots,” said Tim Makos, a design engineer at Frabill.

The Fisherman staff was able to interview Makos on the floor of the Orlando Convention Center, where he told us the key feature of this brand new landing net from Frabill is in fact the netting itself.  “When you have a knotted net the knots can actually damage the scales, damage the slime coat,” Makos warned, explaining how Frabill’s knotless, rubber-coated design makes landing fish that are ultimately bound for a release a safer bet.


A flat bottom design to the net should keep the net from curling up once your fish is scooped up. Without the fraying cloth material to catch hold of your hooks, it should also allow for managing your catch more easily. I’ve been using a flat-bottom design Frabill net this season while fluking on my kayak which has made it easier to deal with dehooking in those tight quarters.

“Some other cool features about this net are the carbon fiber handle,” Makos said, explaining “it’s a 48-inch carbon fiber handle with TPR (thermo-plastic-rubber) rubber grip so it gives you a good hold when you’re netting fish.” And of course, as with all of Frabill’s conservation series, a power-lock yoke makes for easier transition from full size to collapsed.

This particular “new product showcase” award-winner from ICAST 2021 offers a 21-inch to 24-inch hoop so it will be perfect for fluking. Look for it in December at $149, but also check out the full line of conservation series nets from Frabill in shops now.  Keep in mind that as the fall run kicks into full gear along the Striper Coast, that rubberized, knotless netting from Frabill will help protect those “overs” for the future!   Go to


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