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Product Review: Sionyx Nightwave Night Vision Camera

In July of last year, Sionyx, a leader in digital color night vision technology, launched their Nightwave night vision camera. As one of the first-of-its-kind marine camera systems, Nightwave is built around their proprietary Black Silicon BSI CMOS sensor. Nightwave is a total game changer in low-light conditions, allowing mariners to safely navigate with a greater degree of confidence by easily spotting hazards and debris in moonless starlight without any additional illumination. Employing a Nightwave camera maximizes your time out on the water, translating to safer transit at dawn, dusk, or even in the middle of the night.

Built to operate in the toughest marine environments, the night vision camera is IP67 waterproof and shock rated. Nightwave seamlessly integrates to any vessel’s electronics by connecting to most major brand multi-function color displays (MFDs) via the analog video output. With flexible mounting and setup, Nightwave can also connect to a mobile device via Wi-Fi for an enhanced user experience. The main different between Nightwave and some high-end thermal competitive models is that the Sionyx product amplifies available light in a high-res digital format, whereas thermal units use heat signatures to construct the target, usually via a lower-res image. Nightwave’s technology provides clear color images in near-total darkness and is simple to install and operate.

Sionyx’s Nightwave gives you a whole different look in no-light situations while out in open water.

Eyes In The Dark

Notable standard features on the Sionyx Nightwave include:

  • 1 mlx moonless starlight sensitivity allows mariners to see well beyond human eyesight and detect a man-sized object at 150 yards.
  • A high resolution detector that provides upgraded quality imaging capability in near total darkness.
  • A wide 44-degree field of view that greatly enhances situational awareness to spot unexpected obstacles, debris, markers, vessels, unlighted navigation buoys and more.
  • Convenient installation flexibility, with permanent mounting hardware that is included, as well as a standard 1/4-inch 20 mount interface.
  • Nightwave can be oriented ball-up or ball-down, to meet any challenging mounting requirements.
  • It’s lightweight and portable with a net weight of approximately 2 pounds.
  • The latest firmware and software releases are conveniently available through the Sionyx mobile app.

With an MSRP under $1,900, the Sionyx design team has created a relatively affordable, high-res, digital night vision camera that can really get the job done. Nightwave will help you identify a variety of things that go bump in the night, thereby making your early morning and late evening fishing trips significantly safer. Built rugged, with easy connectivity, Nightwave is a must-have addition for any boat that travels to/from the blue water in the dark or stays over in the deep for the night.



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