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Product Spotlight: Lotsa Tog Jigs!

With the popularity in using jigs for blackfish
With the popularity in using jigs for blackfish, there is a dizzying array of shapes and makers to choose from. This just-short tog fell for a 2-ounce Asylum Blackfish Bug tipped with an Asian crab.

Hunting that next Togzilla? Well here is a rundown of commercially-produced jigs made specifically for battling with bruiser blackfish.

Asylum Jigz

With a unique, compact head shape and super-strong hook, ‘Blackfish Bugz’ are proven on blackfish and many other bottom-dwelling species.

Backwater Baits

The ‘Football Tog Jig’ is the original football-style blackfish jig which gets to the bottom quickly and resists getting snagged where big blackfish hang out.

Black Attack

‘Black Attack’ jigs are built with heavy-duty Mustad hooks and feature a banana-style head for perfect presentation and solid hooksets.

Blue Water Candy

With a compact head design, the ‘Bottom Bumper’ jig gets down fast and sits upright to promote a solid hookset on trophy blackfish.

Bottom Sweeper

A patented high-performance trophy tog and sheepshead jig, the compact profile of the ‘Bottom Sweeper Jig’ allows it to be ingested into the fish’s mouth with ease.

Jeck’s Bucktails

The ‘Supa-Beast’ is designed to sit perfectly on the bottom with the crab facing upwards enticing hard strikes from big blackfish.

Joebaggs Tackle

The ‘Togzilla Lay Perfect’ jig sets the crab up and away from the bottom structure ensuring a proper hookset every time with fewer hang-ups and better presentation.

Jonny Jigs

The unique design of the ‘Chisel Chin’ incorporates a rattle inside the head to call in big, inquisitive blackfish.

Magictail Bucktails

The ‘Game Changer’ was the original collar-less blackfish jig and has accounted for many double-digit tog since hitting the market.


With a prominent eye and holographic finish, the ‘Tog Tamer’ jig adds to the visual appeal of a crab bait and is built on 2X strong Mustad hooks.

Run Off Lures

The ‘Butter Bean’ blackfish jig features a heavy-duty hook and is built on a lima bean head that cuts through the water and stays true in fast-moving current.

S&S Bucktails

The ‘White Chin Wrecker’, the ‘John Skinner Blackfish Jig’ and the ‘Magic Meez’ offer a variety of jig shapes for the perfect presentation in any situation.


One of the first mass-produced blackfish jigs, ‘Original Craggy’ and ‘Craggy Banana’ were many a tog jigger’s first choice when making the conversion from rigs to jigs.


The New Jersey based jig maker only does blackfish jigs, dedicating the manufacturing end to all things U.S.A. made, from the high carbon forged hooks to the hand-mixed powder paint.

Tsunami Fishing Tackle

The ‘Tog Treat’ jig features an attractive eye and short, heavy-duty Mustad hook that is easily eaten and stays hooked in big blackfish.

World Record Striper Company

Call in the biggest of blackfish with the Greg Myerson ‘RattleBlackfish Jig’ that replicates the sound of crustaceans crawling on underwater rocks.




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