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Product Spotlight: Nomad Design Shikari

nomad-shikariNomad Design has now introduced the Shikari swimming slow-floating jerkbait to its extensive line of products. This unique lure is the perfect choice for Northeast anglers chasing stripers, weakfish, blues and false albacore due to its appealing size and range of colors.

The Shikari is a 5-3/4-inch lure that can be retrieved straight without imparting and rod action or is cast out and retrieved with sharp twitches of the rod to get the plug to dance, which will catch the attention of all the species mentioned above. Conditions are constantly changing in the Northeast, which means different types of bait are filtering in and out of your local waters. The lure comes in 11 attractive color patterns that mimic an array of baitfish you might encounter while out in the boat or surf.

nomad-shikariThe quality of this lure does not stop at just the body either, they comes equipped with size #1 BKK 4x treble hooks, which in my experience, are some of the ‘stickiest’ hooks on the market. When you get a hit and set the hook, rest assured these trebles will ensure a proper hookset.

The outside of this lure is a winner, but what about the inside? After one cast with the Shikari, you will come to the determination that this lure sails. The total weight is 1 ounce but that’s not what gives it long-casting capabilities. Inside is a tungsten weight transfer system. When the lure is cast, the weight slides to the back of the lure to maximize the total casting distance. After it lands and starts to swim, the weight comes forward, creating a perfect swimming balance for the most fish-appealing action.

nomad-shikariA lure that works for a particular species is good but something that works for several species throughout the duration of the season is excellent. I can see myself using the Shikari in the back bay estuaries for early season stripers from the surf but I could also see myself casting this same lure at blitzing albies in fall as well. The Shikari will go a long way for the Northeast angler.



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