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Product Spotlight: Owner Inshore Slam Jigheads

Soft plastics are here to stay in saltwater fishing—they work great and often draw strikes when nothing else will—their only downside is durability. There are many remedies for making a soft plastic bait stay on a jighead longer and most of them work, but only for a few more fish. We’ve all tried glue, thread, zip-ties and heavy mono, but they all fall short of the true useable life of the lure. The masterminds at Owner set their minds to curing this problem and I’d say they succeeded!

The Inshore Slam Jighead incorporates the traditional swimbait corkscrew fastening system into a jighead—the corkscrew is molded right into the lead and around the shank of the hook. At first glance you might be wondering how you can screw a bait onto a jighead, but it’s actually quite simple; you thread the hook through the bait as you normally would and slide the head end of your lure up against the corkscrew, then just twist the bait around the hook shank until the corkscrew threads pull it tight to the lead. From there you just have to adjust the bait to keep it straight and positioned properly and you’re ready to fish. This system alone is enough to make these jigheads a must-have addition to your soft plastic arsenal, but when you add in a top-tier hook that’s surgically sharp, you have an undeniable winner.


These jigheads are available in hook sizes 1/0, 3/0 and 5/0 and in weights ranging from 1/16th of an ounce up to a half-ounce. They are awesome for rigging small soft plastics like Keitechs and Fin-S Fish for albies or schoolie and medium stripers. The fact that they are available in such light weights makes it possible to dial in the perfect sink rate for finicky fish or go heavier when the situation dictates a faster cranking speed. The hooks Owner uses in these heads are said to be “braid proof” and you’ll see why when you put one in your hand; they are incredibly hard to bend and feature almost zero deflection when you try to bend them with your fingers.

All in all, the Inshore Slam Jigheads from Owner are tough, sharp and available in smaller increments than almost any other saltwater head on the market. With albie season in full swing and the striper migration already underway, you really need to try them. I’m certain that you won’t be disappointed.



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