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Product Spotlight: Turtle Cove Boga Carrier

Since the beginning of surfcasting career I pretty much have always owned a Boga Grip. While the tool is great for weighing fish, I find it extremely useful for gripping and controlling fish when removing hooks for a clean release. The Boga found a spot on my surf belt and will always be there for the duration of my career also.

For a few years the main way I would carry this tool in my belt was a D-ring attachment. The grip would hang from the ring from its jaws and I’d have to open the jaws to release them for use.  While this seemed like the most logical way to carry the gripper at the time, I always thought there had to be a more logical way after having the Boga knock me in the leg while walking a beach for miles. The constant swinging became rather annoying after some time.


And then Ken from Turtle Cove Tackle approached me with a new product he had designed, the Turtle Cove Boga Carrier. This innovative product slid right on my 2-inch webbed surf belt and fit my 30 as well as my 60 Boga grip perfectly. For those who use the 15 Boga grip keep in mind the product will fit that too. What’s even nicer is the product comes with a 34-inch lanyard that is the perfect length for using the Boga with.

The holder itself is made from heavy duty lightweight Kydex with stainless hardware. These are some of the best materials you can use in harsh saltwater elements. Ken also backs up this product with a lifetime warranty which for surf anglers means a lot.  I’ve been using this Boga holder for several years now and have the confidence that I will be able to continue using it for years to come. Due to the high-quality hardware, it shows no signs of wear; and believe me, I’ve put this thing through the ringer!  Between quality and convenience, this surf tool is a no-brainer for the avid caster.  Retails in most local shops for around $79.95.



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