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Product Spotlight: Unsinkable Polarized Mirror Sunglasses

Judging by the response at this winter’s shows, where The Fisherman raffled off three pairs of Unsinkable Sunglasses at each event, there is a tremendous demand for sunglasses that won’t sink to the bottom once they leave your face. We heard plenty of stories bemoaning the loss of expensive sunglasses over the course of these shows, and many folks were intrigued by the Unsinkable concept.

2019 4 Unsinkable Polarized Mirror SunglassesUnsinkable brings a lot more to the table than just being unsinkable. Their premium polarized glasses feature lenses made from a proprietary lens material called Polyamide™, which has the optics of glass combined with the lightweight feel of polycarbonate, resulting in crystal-clear vision.

New for 2019, Unsinkable’s lineup now offers blue and green mirror polarized lenses, providing another level of sun glare protection. These lenses reflect glare from every possible angle and offer super crisp, saturated, color acuity. A proprietary blue light barrier filters harmful blue light allowing colors to blast, and a hydrophobic coating protects against salt, sweat and smudges. Other features include anti-scratch coating, 100 percent UV protection, they are BPA free, and boast injected and decentered optics. All Unsinkable glasses are lightweight and impact resistant, and provide 10 percent visual light transmittance (VLT).

Blue mirror lenses are available in six wrap sunglass styles, ideal for blocking out glare while searching out signs of baitfish or gamefish. Blue mirrors are best suited for bright sunlight conditions, and are an excellent choice for offshore and coastal fishing and boating.

Green mirror lenses are available in four wrap sunglass styles, which reflect glare from every possible angle. They are best suited for variable light conditions and an excellent choice for anyone who spends a lot of time fishing or boating inshore waters or freshwater.

Unsinkable Polarized Sunglasses will never sink, but in case they do float away, you are covered by Unsinkable’sgroundbreaking Lifetime plus Loss™ warranty.The MSRP on the new Unsinkable premium polarized mirror sunglasses is $159. To checkout their complete lineup of products, go to



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