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April 2019


2019 4 Early Season Fluke Group

Where & How: Early Season Fluke

Some of the best fishing of the season takes place in the opening weeks if you know where and how to target those early arrivals.

2019 4 Trophy Striper Calendar Show Fish

Times and Places: Trophy Striper Calendar

A guide to being in the right place at the right time when it comes time to score that trophy cow.

2019 4 Decoding Spring Stripers Show Off

Western Sound: Decoding Spring Stripers

Decoding most of our gamefish is becoming a specialized angling endeavor and developing the skill to do it can pay big dividends.

2019 3 Learning Curve Logic Angela P

Surf Sense: Learning Curve Logic

No time on the water is ever wasted time and there’s always something new to see if you take the time to look.

Lines In: 2019 Dream Boat Fishing Challenge

The Fisherman’s Dream Boat Challenge has evolved into the top saltwater fishing tournament in the Northeast.

2019 4 Game Changing Tautog Water

Game-changing Tautog

Tautog (or tog, blackfish) are members of the wrasse family and are found from Nova Scotia to South Carolina hanging around areas of structure from deepwater wrecks to bulkheads.

2019 4 Smallmouth Heaven Catch

Freshwater Travel: Lake Memphremagog – Smallmouth Heaven

This largely overlooked world class smallmouth fishery sits in the north of Vermont and is within a day’s drive of most Northeast anglers.

2019 4 Catch And Release Mortality Supporting Fish

Striped Bass: Catch & Release Mortality

Recreational anglers can play a major role in reducing catch and release mortality.

2019 4 Dragging It Out Dragging

Fight Time: Dragging It Out

Understanding the nuances of drag settings can help avoid the painful loss of that long sought trophy fish.

2019 4 How Jigging Changed Blackfishing Forever Show

Tactical Tautog: How Jigging Changed Blackfishing Forever

For more than half a century, anglers used the traditional two-hook sinker rig to catch plenty of blackfish. Now, anglers up and down the coast are using jigs to fill their limit.

2019 4 Fluke Status Science Cus Both Ways Fish

2019 Fluke Status: Science Cuts Both Ways

Those looking for a little flexibility in fluke regulations in 2019 may find “status quo” as just another “stab in the back.”

2019 4 Marine Engine Oil Main

Boat Sense: the Unique Demands of Marine Engine Oil

The Fisherman’s boating and electronics editor unravels the mysteries surrounding marine engine oil.

2019 4 Fish Tagging Catch

Fish Tagging: 2019 Northeast Striped Bass Study

The Fisherman Magazine is teaming up with Gray Fishtag Research and Navionics to track the long-distance movement of striped bass in 2019 and beyond.

More In This Issue

Now Who’s Laughing

It was a chilly September morning when I boarded the Super Hawk for a day of fluke fishing off of Long Island’s South Shore.

2019 4 Smithtown Bay And Reef

Smithtown Bay and Reef

Tucked between the LIPA Stacks and Cranes Neck in Long Island Sound, Smithtown Bay comes to life once the sand eels settle into the bay and head for the shoals for their annual spring spawn.

Product Spotlight: Unsinkable Polarized Mirror Sunglasses

Judging by the response at this winter’s shows, where The Fisherman raffled off three pairs of Unsinkable Sunglasses at each event, there is a tremendous demand for sunglasses that won’t sink to the bottom once they leave your face.


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