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Product Spotlight: Yo-Zuri Mag Popper

Yo-zuri Mag PopperI am going to start by saying I do not fish a ton of poppers. This is ironic as a topwater bite is easily my favorite way to take a striped bass. But, as I spend the vast majority of my time fishing for striped bass after the sun has set, poppers are not generally the best option for me. That said, when I do fish in the daylight I have a certain, very specific set of requirements which any popper I throw must meet. These include long, accurate casting traits; regardless of whether the popper sinks or floats, it must come up to the surface and stay there with little effort; the popper must be able to both pop and swim; and it must be well-built. In my initial testing, the new Yo-Zuri Mag Popper meets all of these criteria in spades.

The Yo-Zuri Mag Series is a well-established family of lures which includes the Mag Darter and the Mag Minnow, two extremely popular lures when it comes to Northeast saltwater fishing both inshore and off. Adding to this family of lures, the new Mag Popper is available in two sizes (130 mm/5-¼ inch, 1-3/4 ounce and 160 mm/6-¼ inch, 2-7/8 ounce) and eight colors (bone, black purple, pearl red head, black silver, sardine, bronze, green mackerel, and yellow ) to meet your needs. Both models are through-wired to stand up to the nastiest of gamefish, and the deep-cupped popper face works great to throw water as well as swim the lure on the surface. I was able to produce a very attractive side-to-side swim with the popper by slowing down the retrieve and bouncing the rod tip, much like one would do when working a spook or pencil popper. Casting was a dream as the Mag Popper is equipped with a new patented Weight Transfer System which snaps to the tail of the lure during the casting motion, allowing the Mag Popper to fly tail first cutting through the wind for long distance casting. As soon as it hits the water, the Weight Transfer System moves to the forward to the “swimming” position and is locked in place by the magnet. Just like the other Mag lures, this allows the lure to immediately be retrieved in the proper positon as soon as it touches the water.

The smaller popper retails for $16.99, and the larger one for $17.99; check them out at your local Yo-Zuri retailer today.



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